Monitor is asleep - no VGA signal?

  fedup2007 10:25 31 Oct 2007

I have recently bought a computer, a HP dx2200 Microtower, and a HPw1907s monitor. Installed it all fine, working correctly. Came to install Sky Broadband at the weekend, installed fine, installed the McAfee free virus that comes with the broadband. I had trouble logging into my yahoo and facebook account, must be something to do with the security settings, I tried to alter them all to allow cookies etc but it still wouldnt let me into my yahoo or facebook, so there's one problem. The when I came to close down, it wanted to install about 80 updates, so i let it, and the system turned off itself. When I came to turn it on the day after, the monitor will just not come on, its says monitor asleep, no VGA signal. Ive unplugged everything, checked the VGA pins, tested with a another monitor, and the screen will not come on!! what has happened and how do i fix it. Ive been reading it could be graphics card, dont want to take it it PC world yet and get ripped off for hundreds of pounds.

  johnnyrocker 10:29 31 Oct 2007

try reseating the graphics card as another monitor will not work the issue has to be a pc one. or replace vga cable in case?


  fedup2007 10:33 31 Oct 2007

thanks johnnyrocker! easier said than done, ive not a clue how to do that. I attached the other test monitor (which is defo working) with its own VGA cables and that just wouldnt come on. Power is fine to the monitor. god im stressed...

  johnnyrocker 10:45 31 Oct 2007

it looks as if it is graphics associated, i would try safe mode then system restore if you have xp, press F8 continually during boot up and see if monitor then displays, if it does then try system restore to before the episode, then do all the updates but on no account 'leave it to do it' as (A) you dont know if it completed and (B) you have no knowlege of at what stage the prob occurred


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