marilynbell 00:18 25 Feb 2003

I Have been checking my friend's computer while she is away and have noticed that the monitor is flashing yellow all the time (on and off) any suggestions Thanks

  tran1 00:22 25 Feb 2003

The flashing yellow might mean its in standby mode.

  Djohn 00:22 25 Feb 2003

Do you mean the little LED, near the on/off button. if so then this is ok, it just indicates the monitor is in standby. J.

  marilynbell 00:29 25 Feb 2003

No the whole screen is flashing, I've checked the colour settings and they are all fine, I was wondering if it's one it's way out, or if a virus she had a while ago could have done something, it's plug and play by the way, but it's very annoying when you're looking at a flashing screen all the time Thanks for help

  DieSse 01:14 25 Feb 2003

Can you describe it a little better please?

You mean - regular flashing, or random? - All yellow then all black? - Or just a yellow tinge?

If you've checked the colour settings, how did you do this if it's only flashing yellow? - what do you mean by "checked the colour settings"?

Remember no-one here can see it - we have only your description.

  Tog 07:29 25 Feb 2003

Remove and refit the cable connection into the monitor and at the PC, make sure it is secure. Is it an Iiyama monitor?

  marilynbell 15:34 25 Feb 2003

I know I'm not very good at explaing myself. I checked the colour setting in the display on the control panel and got someone else to check as well all ok. The yellow is like a tinge, like looking at his page now, mainly white, well on this one, it's changing to a yellow tinge and then back to normal again. I'll try disconnecting and reconnecting at the computer again and see if that helps as I've no idea what make it is, I do know that origianlly it came from Tiny, I wondered if it was something to do with a programme as a lot of them have had to be re-installed as a virus got into 28 files Thanks

  marilynbell 17:07 25 Feb 2003

I've done as suggested and disconnected and reconnected and it seems to have worked Thanks very much for your help

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