binabik 16:24 12 Jan 2004

Hi All,

Wonder if anyone has any ideas. My monitor at home doesn't seem to want to talk to my PC. The PC boots fine, the monitor switches on but doesn't seem to pick up the signal. The Light on the monitor is green but the screen stays black.

I've done the ovbious things like check the cable, power cable, reseated the graphics card etc etc but without being able to boot the machine can't think of much else

  Lozzy 16:27 12 Jan 2004

Can you try another monitor that you know works OK this would check that your graphics card is OK. Or it could be the monitor has gone. How old is it and did you have wavy lines at the top or bottom of the screen?

  Shas 12:30 15 Jan 2004

I had this problem. Have you two video card connectors on your cpu? Instead of connecting the cable to the matching blue socket, I had to connect to a different video card connector which was further down the back of the cpu casing. Worked fine after that.

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