alan 2273 17:54 20 Oct 2003

Has anyone come across a problem of a monitor that seems to be working ok but some times the screen on start up will just not work. the On Off button has a light by it , when the monitor is working this light is green but when I dont get a picture the light is orange .The monitor is a time so what the actual make is anyones guess.

  Stuartli 17:59 20 Oct 2003

The green light means a signal is being received, the orange one that no signal is present and, therefore, no picture.

  Joanne_1 18:02 20 Oct 2003

It sounds more likely to be a graphics card issue than a monitor problem, does it work ok once youve restarted.

  Rayuk 18:08 20 Oct 2003

Have a look on the back of the monitor should be a sticker there may tell you what monitor you have

  citadel 18:11 20 Oct 2003

I had a monitor that would suddenly black out. I had to get a new one.

  alan 2273 18:12 20 Oct 2003

Origonally the problem started on a comp with onboard graphics, so L tried it on two more comps one with a GF4 Ti4200 and the other with a GF3 Ti200 sometimes the picture would come on sometimes not, which makes me think it is something to do with the monitor.

  Epoc 18:13 20 Oct 2003

Might be a bad cable/connection. Have you tried moving it around when it won't turn on? Just a quick thought, best to eliminate the cheaper options first.

  Djohn 18:24 20 Oct 2003

This can sometimes happen because of a switching fault at the motherboard, but seeing you have tried two different computers, it rules this out.

When the Orange light is showing on the monitor, it's in stand-by mode waiting for a signal from your motherboard/graphics card to switch on. So I think that after trying the options you mention above, it does seem to narrow the cause down to either the cable or a intermittent fault in the monitor itself. j.

  alan 2273 22:57 20 Oct 2003

Thanks to you all for your input.
Regards Alan

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