aj316 21:37 11 Oct 2003

im going to use a 14 inch monitor with a pc that i used to use with a 21 inch. when i connect them up on the smaller monitor there is like 3 fuzzy line displays, so i tried to put the resolvtion down but no change, i think i have to change the refresh rate but am unsure and cant remember how to.

please help me

  AndySD 21:55 11 Oct 2003

In windows right click on the desktop choose properties ot in the last tab choose advanced then monitor.

But first try booting into safe mode and you should be able to change the monitor there.

  LastChip 21:58 11 Oct 2003

Did you change the driver for your monitor. If that is incorrect, you will get all sorts of strange problems.

If you really believe it to be the refresh rate, right click your desktop and select Properties; Settings; Advanced; Adaptor; and choose your required refresh rate. Most will be set to optimal, and generally, this works well.

  DieSse 22:58 11 Oct 2003

You will not need to change the monitor "driver" (not a driver at all, just a text file of available settings).

Follow AndySD's advice to stsrt in Safe Mode - then you will get a useable display, in which you can reset the monitor refresh setting to "adapter default". When you reboot, you can then set them to whatever will work for your changed monitor (if it's a 14" probably some low rate - or stick to "adapter default".

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