nippy 15:09 20 Aug 2003

I have shaded drag lines across screen
change monitor still same must be pc

running win Me sorry I cannot give to much info

  Sunil 15:22 20 Aug 2003

It is your Graphic Card

  nippy 15:26 20 Aug 2003

ok go for it sunil
where do I go from here

  Djohn 15:26 20 Aug 2003

Can you try to describe them a little more, if not the monitor, it maybe the display card! Do you know what card you have? can you tell us the make/model of PC and monitor. thanks. j.

  nippy 15:36 20 Aug 2003

you tell me where to look please display card

lines are where the writing is and they are like smudges but staight across

  nippy 15:39 20 Aug 2003

viglen monitor

  Djohn 16:16 20 Aug 2003

Are these lines the same depth as the text, and do they continue right across the screen, also do they tend to show up mainly in a program like "Word"?

  Sunil 17:20 20 Aug 2003

Just check your graphic card and you will see the fan is burnt.

  Djohn 17:59 20 Aug 2003

How do you know his graphic card has a fan?

  nippy 11:53 21 Aug 2003

yes these lines the same depth as the text, and do they continue right across the screen, yes

but they are in all programs

  Djohn 12:18 21 Aug 2003

OK, as above it may be the graphics card, or the cable even. [Seeing that it has happened to 2 monitors]. But I have seen the same, or very similar problem before, and it was the monitor causing the problem, even a replacement of the same make had the same problem, and it was only the second re-placement, [Under warranty] that cured it.

Try the following. Place one hand either side of the monitor, so that you thumb is on the front bezel, and your fingers on the sides of the case, squeeze your fingers and see if the lines disappear! If they do, but come back again when you remove your hands from monitor, then that is the problem and will require replacing.

If the above doesn't make any difference, then you will need to check that the graphics card is working correctly. This card is inside the PC, and if you are not sure where to look or how to remove/replace, then post back on this same thread, and I or one of the other forum users will try to help. j.

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