moniter shutting down

  belgarth_the_sorcerer 03:46 17 Nov 2003

im having trouble with my moniter im on windows 98 when i log on my moniter shuts down after a while and refuses to restart even after i reboot
i have hooked up other moniters and the problem occurs again so i dont think its my moniter any ideas????

  MichelleC 08:19 17 Nov 2003

You may see yellow/s in device manager in which case update driver for monitor or graphics card.

  Diodorus Siculus 08:20 17 Nov 2003

Dodgy graphics card perhaps? Are all fans working on the graphics card (it may be overheating)?

  Diemmess 10:34 17 Nov 2003

Your graphics card is No 1 suspect to me.

Just as you have tried switching monitors have you or a friend, an old, unused graphics card just to try.

It doesn't need to be properly set up, you can use the generic Windows drivers for that.

OK the screen may look a little unfinished but it will prove where the trouble lies if the monitor stays showing something!

(Do check the cleanliness of the card's own fan of it has one, because a build-up of dust will chop the effect of the fan by a major percentage.)

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