moniter settings in xp

  SLIM12 15:14 14 Dec 2008

the screen on my monitor is nearly black , where abouts is the brightness controls , i am on windows xp ..i am going crazy


  bremner 15:28 14 Dec 2008

On the monitor

  SLIM12 15:32 14 Dec 2008

its too dark to see when i press the menu button , is there any download available that has a screen adjust setting in it ?

  brundle 15:33 14 Dec 2008

If the on-screen display on your monitor (the one that appears when you push buttons on the monitor itself, nothing to do with Windows) is very dark too, the monitor is on its way out and needs replacing.

  SLIM12 15:44 14 Dec 2008

how do you adjust color and contrast ?

  Pineman100 15:51 14 Dec 2008

That depends on the make and model of the monitor. There will be a buttons on it to initiate menus for all the settings.

  SLIM12 16:19 14 Dec 2008

fixed it !! yahoooo

got a mates spare monitor and alls great , thanks for your replys to my problem !


  SLIM12 16:31 14 Dec 2008

and there was me thinking that monitors lasted forever!!

  Pineman100 16:36 14 Dec 2008

When this forum helps you to fix a problem, the expected thing is to let everyone know exactly what the solution was.

That way you help anyone else who experiences the same problem.

Could you tell us what did the trick, please?

  SLIM12 17:01 14 Dec 2008

hi mate no problem , i was surfing the web when all of a sudden everything went almost black and i could not adjust the settings anywhere and when i used the menu button on the monitor it was totally black ..the solution as answered above was to bin the old monitor and install a new one ! lucky my mate had one spare :-)


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