moniror display is showing different colours.

  JOMBA 16:51 07 Feb 2004

every now and then when i switch on my computer firstly it starts with wrong colours that were not there before and also lined on the whole desktop for about 2 to 3 minutes then it becomes normal but this is now a normal trend for the last 5 days i don't know maybe it's the monitor or the graphic anybody to advise on this?

  Gongoozler 17:21 07 Feb 2004

Hi JOMBA. I suspect that the graphics card is either faulty or not seated properly. Try running the computer for a few minutes with the monitor switched off, then switch on the monitor. If the monitor display starts up normally, you will know that it isn't the monitor that is at fault.

  Stuartli 17:46 07 Feb 2004

I thought it was the idea for a monitor to display different colours...:-)

Seriously though, apart from Gongoozler's point, it could be that you have had something too close to the monitor radiating magnetic fields, such as unshielded speakers or even a mobile phone.

Try degaussing the monitor to see if this clears it.

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