MonaRonaDona virus

  Snrub 18:52 01 Mar 2008

My computer has been infected with the above virus which claims to "Wreck Your PC" this is despite having an up to date AVG Virus Program running.

Running an AVG check reveals 'no virus found' however, running a Symantec Norton check shows :-
C:\WINDOWS\Downloaded Program Files\BTmailcontrol.dll is infected with Dialer.Generic

Can anyone please advise how to get rid of this problem? How do I locate the corrupt driver and if I delete it will I still be able to connect up to my Broadband Connection?

  Sea Urchin 19:06 01 Mar 2008

There seems to be a possible solution on this forum if you read down three or four postings

click here

  Fingees 19:07 01 Mar 2008

If you're on broadband, don't worry, it needs a dialler modem to dial out.

  Snrub 00:25 02 Mar 2008

Hi Sea Urchin worked a treat. Can't thank you enough your a star.

Im on broadband but using BT Voyager 100 Modem to dial up for connection.

I am trying to connect BT Vision via BT Home Hub to obtain a direct internet connection and exited anti-virus protection as advised by BT when trying to connect. This must be when virus was picked up.

I do have a concern that when installing new software generally it is recommended to disable anti-virus software.

  gazzaho 06:52 02 Mar 2008

"I do have a concern that when installing new software generally it is recommended to disable anti-virus software."

I know what you mean about that statement, I had a running argument a year or so ago with Norton Tech support over email about this and they couldn't seem to grasp the problem.

I was using a trial of Norton at the time and wanted to know how to switch it off while installing software to avoid conflicts, I got the impression they thought I wanted to find a way to disable their product and kept asking stupid questions like why I wanted to do this. When I explained that software companies in general tell you to switch off virus checkers, they just asked which software I was having a problem with!

In the end I just stopped using Norton and switched to F-Secure Internet Security which allows you to unload the virus checker while continuing the security level.

If I'm having trouble installing software though I usually run msconfig, switch off all the un-needed processes and disconnect from the internet then restart my machine, install the software then re-connect and re-run msconfig to enable the processes again. I rarely have to do this though as most software seems to install without problems.

  Sea Urchin 10:49 02 Mar 2008

Delighted to hear that you have sorted your problem. With regard to disabling AV programs when installing this can be done without exposing your system to undue risk. You can download the required software whilst your AV is in place, then disconnect from the internet and disable AV to install. Remember to restart AV again before further internet activity. But as gazzaho says I find that most installations work quite happily without having to do this.

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