mohaa (graphics) run slow

  struggle8 15:02 15 Jan 2003
  struggle8 15:02 15 Jan 2003

I have installed medal of honor allied asalt on to my pc and when I go through the training part all is ok but when I start the missoins the graphics run slow I have tryed using all the low settings in video option but still the same.I have a geforce 2 64mb card which is supported by the game I have the latest drivers version 411.09_win 9x for windows ME,The prossessor requiment is a450mhz on the box and I have a 600mhz prosessor in my pc any ideas please.

  powerless 15:09 15 Jan 2003

Its your hardware that is letting you down.

Close down all the programs that are running in the background and try again.

Although your processor is over the min spec, it just aint fast enough.

Your graphics card although a nice card isnt the lateset and will be letting you down thats why the game runs slow.

How much RAM do you have that may help if you upgrade...say twice the amount but still the processor and graphics are the bogger downers :-(

  struggle8 15:15 15 Jan 2003


  nightporter 15:16 15 Jan 2003

Sad but true.

  mark3110 15:50 15 Jan 2003

Try running the Auto config app that comes with the game and update DirectX, if you havernt already.



  instant^mash 16:07 15 Jan 2003

Try changing your colour quality from 32bit to 16bit - that should give you a nice boost without any real loss in quality.


oh... don't bother with the 40xx drivers, go for some older dets, try the 23.11 or the 23.12b

click here

Get riva-tuner from and try raising the mipmap LOD settings (giving them a positive value will reduce image quality but increase performence)

  struggle8 15:19 16 Jan 2003

I have tryed changing most or all settings thats no good may be its time to change my pc for a new one have to have a look at the deals on the market or maybe its worth just upgrading my proccessor the mother bosrd site says it goes up to a 1400 socet 370 do you think that might help.

  struggle8 15:33 16 Jan 2003

I also have the 41.09 geforce drivers installed do I have to remove them completely befor installing the 23.11 drivers if so I have heard there is a detornator distroyer that removers all 40 `s driver bits where do I get it from

  .:º»[RjA]«º:. 15:49 16 Jan 2003

by installing the 4109's on my Ti4200 i lost nearly 400 3D marks in 3dmark 2001 Se - default settings. ????

WTF? I mean WTF!

Yeah, as has been said above, your CPU and GFX card are MAJOR bottlenecks here. Try getting at least a 1.3 Duron (£30 from and a GeForce4 Mx460 (bout £90 from most on line stores). They should solve your problems. That GeForce 2 is really very old now and can keep you with modern games like MOHAA.

If u don't wanna spend any £ try overclocking your Card and CPU. Apparantly earlier Pentiums and duron CPU can overlock quite significantly. Do a search on google or something and look for Geforce Tweaker to alter clock frequencies on ur GFX card.

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