"Modile Phone" Modem Query

  Ben Avery 11:52 21 Aug 2003


I'm on Vodafone and get 600mins of free off-peak national calls per month. If I was to set up an account with, say, Freeserve (0845 numbers on the pay as you go package) would they come under my free minutes?

I'm pretty sure that 0845 numbers do normally but just wanna check.

If so, how do I set up my Dell Latitude Laptop to connect to the IR port on my Nokia 6310i?

I saw the earlier thread but it's not exactly what I want to know so I've started a new thread.


  -pops- 12:01 21 Aug 2003

A definitive answer to your first question can only be given by your telephone service provider. Ensure you get the answer in writing.

  Ben Avery 12:10 21 Aug 2003

Ok, I'll look into it.

Regarding the connection issue, I'm amazed that by just switching the phone's IR on the PC detected it as a standard modem anyway! Isn't this how technology SHOULD work but usually doesn't!?

I'm guessing I get a Freeserve CD and set it up right? Also, when (like now) I'm at work, I plug the Notebook into the LAN so I get 512Kb BB connection anyway. When I set up the freeserve part, can I set it up to only effect the Email and not the internet by changing email settings and ticking the "Connect via Modem if the LAN is not available" and in Internet Options choosing "Never dial a connection"?


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