Modem/Wireless Router problems

  Pigeonsmilk 15:33 18 Aug 2007

I have recently purchased Cable & Wireless MIMO 11g ADSL 2 + Router.

I have followed the instructions correctly. I have connected the aerials, connected the router to my pc, connected the micro filter to my phone socket and plugged in the ADSL lead that was supplied with the router. It says in the instructions that I should wait for the green flashing ADSL light to go off. The light goes off. I then connect my other microfilter which I plug my ADSL modem into the microfilter that came with the router. Obviously, I have to do that to connect to the internet. My modem then keeps flashing which indicates that I can't connect to the internet. So, obviously, I can't set up my wireless network if I can't connect to the internet. I have looked up other info about wireless routers and most of them say that I should connect my modem to one of the spare ports on the router. I have tried this and my modem still keeps flashing. Has anyone any idea as to why my modem keeps flashing when I connect my ADSL modem microfilter to the one that was supplied with the router? Any help would be appreciated.


  irishrapter 15:56 18 Aug 2007

If your router has a built in modem (which sounds like it does) then there is no need for you to use another ADSL modem.

You will need to connect your router to a computer via Ethernet cable, login to the router and set it up with your ISP settings. i.e Username, password etc.
You may also need to turn on the wireless if its not on by default.

  Pigeonsmilk 17:01 18 Aug 2007

According to the box it does have a built in modem. Thanks I will give that a go. However I now can't login into the router due to the page not being available. Seems other people from what I have just read have had or are still having problems getting onto the page.

  irishrapter 18:16 18 Aug 2007

Are you connecting via Ethernet cable?

Open a command prompt (Start / Run , type cmd)
In the command prompt type ipconfig
You should get something like this:

Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection:

Connection-specific DNS Suffix . :
IP Address. . . . . . . . . . . . :
Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . . . . :
Default Gateway . . . . . . . . . :

Where it says "default gateway" this should be the ip you can use to access the router. Just type it into the browser.

  Pigeonsmilk 18:21 18 Aug 2007

I've managed to gain access to my router page by erm...turning it on. I've put in the details, ISP username, password and so on. Not really sure what to do from there. I have never done this before and the instructions are probably the least helpful instructions i've ever seen.

  Pigeonsmilk 18:23 18 Aug 2007

I also forgot to mention that I have two Belkin Wireless G USB Network Adapaters. Do I install them next? Thanks for your patience and help by the way.

  irishrapter 19:23 18 Aug 2007

Well if you have put in your ISP details and if everything is correct then you should be able to connect to the internet using the computer that you have connected to the router.
Try opening a web page and see if you can connect.

  Pigeonsmilk 20:13 18 Aug 2007

I can now connect to the net using my pc and the router. The problem now is how do I configure the other pc so that I can access the net with it. I have installed an adapter on my other pc and it seems to be receiving a signal but cant view any web pages.

  irishrapter 22:05 18 Aug 2007

Ok, I assume that the other computer is connecting via wireless?
Is the wireless enabled on the router?
Give the wireless service a unique name but nothing that will identify who or where you are. i.e called it "Myrouter55" or something.

Dont enable any encryption just yet. However, you must enable encryption as soon as possible.
All of these settings are done in the router.

  Pigeonsmilk 00:23 19 Aug 2007

Yep, the other pc is connecting via wireless. The wireless is also enabled on the router. How do I give the wireless service a unique name? Is that via the page where I enter my ISP details and so forth?

Here's what i've done so far...

Set up the router, gone to the page where I enter my ISP details and password. Installed my adapters for both pcs. I can now gain access to the internet on my main pc via the router. The other pc which I also want to surf the net with in another room receives a signal which would indicate that it's connected. I can't surf the net with it though. All I want to do is to be able to surf the net via my other pc in another room. I have no idea how I set the other one up so that I can also surf the net. No idea in setting it up as in I don't know how to set up my other pc so that I can surf the net via the signal from the router which is attached to my main pc.

  irishrapter 14:31 19 Aug 2007

You can change the name of the wireless device (usually called SSID) in the router configuration page, most likely under the wireless settings.
The page will have other options like Region, Channel, Mode, Encryption Etc.

You will need to know the name of the wireless device as you could easily pick up a neighbours router instead of your own!

So lets re-cap, You have two computers both are going to be connecting via wireless.

You say that the main computer now has internet connection, is this via Ethernet cable or wireless?

What operating system is on each computer?

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