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  Storik 11:14 09 Feb 2005

I'm a bit miffed about having to revert to my old external Pace V90 modem (40Kbps connection) to increase my connection speed. I have a new U.S. Robotics V92 (28.8Kbps connection) and would like to know the following:

Is it possible to edit modem instructions. I'm presuming that the data shown in the diagnostic facility in WindowsXP (under modems)is what the Computer "sends" to the modem and not vice versa.

One of the lines of data for the Robotics modem contains V.34 drivers (+ lower) and I would like to edit these out. Again, I am presuming that the modem is reverting to the slowest drivers. If the lowest speed drivers were removed, and only V90 & V92 were left, would the modem would revert to V.90?

Theoretically, is this possible?


  Graham ® 11:24 09 Feb 2005

This is a good site for modem info click here

  Storik 11:56 09 Feb 2005

Thanks Graham, but unable to find what I'm looking for on this site - had bookmarked it earlier. Never mind, thanks anyway.


  Stuartli 12:50 09 Feb 2005

Do you have the latest drivers for your modem and opeating system?

Editing earlier V protocols won't cure the problem - the V92 version is supported by comparatively few ISPs as the rapid approach of broadband at the time meant the outlay wasn't economic.

Have you also checked your phone line for noise? Dial 17070 and select Quiet Line (IIRC you press 2).

If it is noisy report it to BT if you have one of their lines. BT engineers are generally very helpful and are usually au fait with all aspects of internet use.

The website link given earlier (modem-help) is very useful.

  Stuartli 12:53 09 Feb 2005

The diagnostic function to which you refer is the modem informing you of its basic setup, not the other way round.

  ACOLYTE 12:58 09 Feb 2005

click here

dont know if this is what you are looking for.

  Stuartli 13:18 09 Feb 2005

Init scripts can be found here:

click here

click here

click here

There are many others but if you have the correct driver this should solve your problem.

For instance, there are two drivers listed for my Diamond SupraExpress 56i Pro for use with XP; one is not very good, but the second works perfectly.

  Storik 15:05 09 Feb 2005

Will re-install the USR modem and copy, then print.

Stuartli: A couple of those sites were really useful, have bookmarked them - and after doing the above, will see if it's at all possible to edit the driver. - er I can but try.


  Stuartli 16:05 09 Feb 2005

It's not the driver but the init. string that can be changed or edited, but good luck in any case.

As I keep pointing out, if you have the correct driver for your modem (often different for external and internal versions) and OS, the rest normally takes care of itself.

I speak as one who spent hours searching for the latest driver for my Diamond modem a couple of years ago when switching to 98SE from 98, even though it was one of the most popular ever sold in the UK.

XP Pro proved even more difficult as Diamond had been taken over by SonicBlue and later by Best Data.

  Storik 11:52 03 Mar 2005

Have neglected to update this and tick it as resolved - er I hope.

Heard from US Robotics who suggest I have the wrong drivers - despite loading those from the support CD. They have sent full instructions, which, as yet, I haven't tried. (Pace modem is giving no trouble so I've stuck with it.)

Will update when I've downloaded the new drivers for the USR modem.


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