Modem/router firewall

  daisy2bell 09:52 10 Nov 2005

I have a Netgear modem router and am setting up a wireless connection.
Can I disable the routers firewall and use my existing firewall, or do I have to have the modem/router firewall on. If I have to have it on, what happens to my existing firewall, do I leave it on or off

  De Marcus™ 10:13 10 Nov 2005

You can leave both on. Although for initial wireless network setup you may find it easier to disable them first and re-enable after successful wireless connection.

  daisy2bell 10:15 10 Nov 2005

Thanks for that. but is it safe to disable the Modem / Router firewall and just use my normal firewall?

  De Marcus™ 10:33 10 Nov 2005

Yes it is, so long as have at least a firewall in place. Given a choice it is better to have a hardware firewall as they are more robust than software based one's. However, millions of people around the world survive just fine with software based firewalls and some use the built in windows one or none at all. It depends really on how paranoid you are (not a dig).

  daisy2bell 10:39 10 Nov 2005

By hardware firewall do you mean my normal firewall, in other words not the modem/router one

  De Marcus™ 11:07 10 Nov 2005

Hardware firewall - The one that's built into the modem/router.

Software firewall - The one that sits in your system tray on the bottom right hand of your screen and needs installing either from cd or via a download (or windows' own) some of the best free one's include zonealarm and sygate.

  daisy2bell 13:13 10 Nov 2005

Thanks for that De Marcus™

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