Modem/Internet connection ?

  Flopper 11:38 07 Dec 2003

My internet (and modem) connection(s) have always been good until I 'retrieved' a message from the BT messaging service (where you dial 1571) several days ago and since then my connection via the modemn has gone pear shaped. My modem is a generic external V90 56kbps with a Rockwell chipset coupled with a quality modem cable which usually gives me a good download speed, but every time I attempt to connect either via a Dial Up connection to Freeserve or via Internet Explorer I get the box showing my connecting up to the point where it says 'Verifying User Name And Password' and then it says 'Unable To Establish A Connection'.
If I unplug every phone in the house I connect with no problem.
I bought a V92 internal modem (SiteCom)from PC World as a test which connects every time with the phones still connected, albeit slowly, but which only seems to be able to download or refresh at 26.4 kbps which is painful. This makes me believe the original modem may be faulty
Does anybody have a suggestion.
Should I invest in a better quality modem, ie, a Diamond Supra, or could it be a BT line issue.
No doubt Broadband will be suggested but I cannot justify the expense at the moment !!

  Diodorus Siculus 11:54 07 Dec 2003

Not a problem with the modem - more likely a configuration problem.

Do you make any changes as a result of the 1571 message? Maybe you need to have it as part of the dial up number so that you phonenumber is recorded.

Does freeserve site say anything about 1571?

  Diodorus Siculus 12:01 07 Dec 2003

click here for some info.

  Diodorus Siculus 12:01 07 Dec 2003

click here for more.

  Flopper 13:16 07 Dec 2003

I followed the instructions on this site but I will not know if it works until I get left another message.
However, I have in the past had to clear one of these messages before I could get on the 'net and connected OK once the message was retrieved. I did not change any settings until I rang Freeserve technical support in desperation but what they suggested did not work either !
I just changed the 'phone handsets back to what they were originally downstairs because I swapped them around because one was very quiet and left them all plugged in and I connected OK (twice) which makes me think now that one of the 'phone handsets is causing me all this grief.
I have the maximum number of handsets 'allowed' to allow an internet connection without having to normally unplug handsets so maybe one thinks it is 2 handsets or something silly (normally measured in something called REN ?).
For example, in the past, when all 4 handsets in the house are plugged in I got a similar message when I tried to connect to the Internet. I unplugged the one by the computer and I get connected.

  Stuartli 17:54 07 Dec 2003

Usually a Ring Equivalence Number (REN) number of four is the maximum available i.e. one main phone, two extension phones and, say, an answerphone.

However, although most phone accessories have an REN of one, I have a main cordless phone, two extensions, an answerphone and the modem all connected without problems.

You may just be unlucky in how many you are able to connect at any one time.

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