Modem for XP

  CDL 16:50 01 Jul 2003

I need to replace my (Diamond Supra Express 3yr old),modem due to a suspected fault.
Any recomendations as to what to use. I fancy the Creative Blaster but I've heard it doesn't work well with XP (which is odd). Obviously I want to inprove my connection as well. (Dont suggest broadband - unfortunately I can't get here !)
Thanks, Chris

  Lú-tzé 17:39 01 Jul 2003

Another diamond modem, from, for example, or any hardware modem really.

  -pops- 18:35 01 Jul 2003

I've recently installed a ModemBlaster in my current XP system. It didn't install straight away due to me not reading the instructions properly but it's fine now. Primarily for Fax use, I have a dialup ISP coonnection to it as well (normally on broadband)


  ade.h 14:45 29 Jul 2003

If you have since found a good XP modem that's fast and stable, please reply here - I also have an old Supra that is slow and flaky.

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