modem wont work under XP

  Jane doe 11:24 22 Oct 2003

Hi. I have upgraded a PC from win 98se to XP. Everything went ok except for the modem. Its a motorola modem 56k(Ithink). Its worked fine under win98. All I get is a message saying the device drivers for this hardware are not supported in XP. So I have tried to find suitable drivers on web but to no avail. So far I have downloaded 8 different motorola drivers but get the same message each time. One site said motorola no longer make modems and no updates are available. Any ideas please?

  MichelleC 11:34 22 Oct 2003

I had problems upgrading to w2k with modem driver. I found it less stressful to buy another one.

  Stuartli 11:40 22 Oct 2003

I've a four-year-old Diamond SupraExpress 56i Pro and it works exactly as it did under Win98SE with XP.

Try click here for links for drivers, advice etc.

  Joanne_1 11:47 22 Oct 2003

Try downloading Rockwell generic drivers for XP Motorola now use the same chipset as Rockwell do.

  Jane doe 12:18 22 Oct 2003

Stuartli that site had the correct drivers thanks. Thank you all for replying.

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