Modem versus router

  CJSIMPSON 18:25 25 Jul 2006

I am currently running a router on my pc it is a single port as I only use my home pc on it. It is connected to my main phone socket downstairs via an extension lead. Downstairs I have my extension to upstairs, my phone, skyplus, then upstairs I have my router and a fax machine. Where should I be connecting my filters first of all?

Second I have just switched providers and have recieved a usb modem free. Which will be better the modem or the router?

Any help is great at the moments my speed is quite slow and my connection drops quite a bit


  CJSIMPSON 18:35 25 Jul 2006

Just for reference I currently have my extension lead plugged straight into the main socket then upstairs a filter and fax and router. Into the extension downstairs I have sky and phone plugged back to back on each other.

  irishrapter 19:23 25 Jul 2006

Router wins all the time.
If you have ADSL max then its almost a must as USB modems are not great with ADSL max.

Your filters sound okay, is your sky filtered?
Sky causes some noise on the line so it should be filtered.

I take it that all is well and the router works okay?
If you do have problems with line drops or noise then the best thing you could do is to move the router as close to the master phone socket as possible, and either go with a wireless connection or RJ45 wired connection to the computer.

Basicly try to keep the phone line as short as possible.

  FelixTCat 19:49 25 Jul 2006

You need a filter at every extension and also at the master socket if you run anything from that. No telephone, fax, modem or anything else should be plugged in without going through a filter. So the Sky and phone should be plugged into a filter.

It would be better if your modem router were plugged into the master socket and you used ethernet cable to the pc - phone lines within the house to the modem should be as short as possible.

Avoid any USB modem like the plague. If nothing else, they use too many resources on the pc.



  CJSIMPSON 19:58 25 Jul 2006

Thanks for that, my main problem is the router is a solwise ea130 when I have done some research it seems quite an old router and am wondering whether it is not very good and is causing slow speed?

I cant alter the position of the router because of wiring so it would have to be a wireless router and card. If I went this way could anyone recommend any cheap/good value all in 1 kits?

  FelixTCat 23:23 25 Jul 2006

Before you spend any money, what is your current synchronisation speed and your current download speed?

What sort of broadband are you on? 1 Mbit, 2 Mbit, Max?

How far are you from your exchange?



  CJSIMPSON 19:46 26 Jul 2006

Dont what what sychroinisation speed is.

Current download speed on between 1.0 and 1.4 Mbps.

Upto 8 meg broadband

Dont know how far I am from my exchange but I cant imagine Im far as i live in a town.

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