Smudge 11:39 29 Oct 2003

I have a Conexant HCF V90 PCI modem which has given up living. The phone line works, it has the correct driver etc but it just can't dial-keeps reporting no dial tone. I presume modems do just break after a while?

Anyway, I like it simple so will now go for an external 56k modem, but is there any advantage of serial or USB? I am running Win ME.


  Proxy Worm 11:43 29 Oct 2003

Modems dont break but might be actually something wrong with the actual modem, you should get it inspected by an engineer, i have the same modem and it has been running strong for 6 months or so now without problems.

  [email protected] 11:46 29 Oct 2003

no dial tone are you sure that there is no call waiting on your line

for example if you use the bt 1571, and someone leaves you a message then there will be a break in your dial tone, which causes the modem to detect no dial tone.just a thought

another way of seeing if your modem can be communicated with

goto control panel/modem and diagnosis

query the modem

  Stuartli 11:50 29 Oct 2003

It could be your configuration.

Have you, for instance, checked that Country Select is set to UK and that Wait for Dialling Tone and Always Dial My Default Connection are enabled?

  [email protected] 12:06 29 Oct 2003

have you updated the modem drivers? It is a periodic job updating all hardware drivers
Are using win 98se or which o/s are you using

  Stuartli 12:09 29 Oct 2003

If all else fails you can get a modem these days for under a tenner, although a hardware type is still superior.

  Smudge 15:20 29 Oct 2003

Thanks for the info, this is what I've checked so far:

The actual phone line is working
There is no 1571 messages or other BT service in operation
It's on tone dial
The PC reports the modem working correctly-I've even moved the card to another slot without success
I checked dialling properties etc and they were set as before when it worked
The driver is the latest version for WinME
And about every other combination possible!

I can't remember any storms recently, but if there was then maybe it was fried.

I think the thing has just given up, or there is a serious clash in WinME. I think I will just go with a new external modem at about ?20.

A throw away society!

  Stuartli 17:47 29 Oct 2003

If you go to the Creative website you'll find it advertising an external modem for under ?30.

  woodchip 18:10 29 Oct 2003

External serial are normally easier to setup as the port is already configured

  woodchip 18:11 29 Oct 2003

They are normally on Com2

  Smudge 09:59 30 Oct 2003

Thanks-I'll go for that then and see how it goes.

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