Modem Trouble

  Henmin 12:03 15 Feb 2005

Hi Gurus,

Yes, it's me once again in computer trouble. Please do HELP! I have Windows 98SE.

I have an ESS ES56T-1 Data/Fax/Voice Modem in my Evesham computer. I'm with AOL. In the last few days I've been having trouble connecting to the Internet. Sometimes I get a message saying: Modem unable to find Carrier Signal or Modem can't connect. I've noticed that this mostly happens from about 5pm. In the mornings I don't have this problem.

I've been on to AOL and they took me through a couple of Tests. One Test came up with this I typed in atz and hit OK. Then I typed in atx1dt with my FREE Phone connection number typed in. When I hit OK it came up with BLACKLISTED. AOL have told me that I have some Currupted Files in the Modem and I should get an experienced engineer to sort it out for me. He said that it's a simple matter of getting new Drivers. However, in the past when I was trying to install the new Version of AOL9 and failed I was told that I had to get Updated Modem Drivers. Evesham and ESS Modem people told me that they don't have any uptodate Drivers for this Modem.

The trouble is that my Evesham came with a Supra 56i Pro Diamond Modem. Sadly that gave trouble and Evesham came and installed this ESS Modem. They left me with only a Floppy Disk. The label Disk is blank. I looked into this Disk it has some Drivers but they are not new.

Can ahyone please Help!Please! Do I have to buy a new Modem?



  FelixTCat 12:17 15 Feb 2005

Your modem listens for a dial tone before it dials. If the tone is too quiet, it will fail with the Carrier Signal message. If you go into your modem driver you will find a option not to wait for a dial tone before dialling. Check that option.

If there are misdialling problems after this, precede the number that the modem is dialling with a comma. This inserts a short pause (I think half a second) which is enough for the dial tone to appear before the modem starts dialling.

  Storik 15:07 15 Feb 2005

"In the last few days I've been having trouble connecting to the Internet. Sometimes I get a message saying: Modem unable to find Carrier Signal or Modem can't connect. I've noticed that this mostly happens from about 5pm. In the mornings I don't have this problem."

I was having the identical problem with AOL 9 and was advised to buy another modem, which I duly did! I made not the slightest bit of difference.

Do you get constant disconnections too? I did. I have changed my ISP to BT - and have been having other sorts of problems. (wry grin).

Try reinstalling AOL 9, but personally, I wouldn't bother buying another modem. I am of the opinion that the problem lies with AOL not the modem.


  Diemmess 15:23 15 Feb 2005

One thing not mentioned so far has been the BT line to your house/office.

At your request, BT will "turn up the gain" for your line.

This can be reversed if it should make matters worse, but I've never heard heard of it doing so. In audio terms it is like a volume control and background noise as well as signal will increase, but it is the signal you need.

When I had dial-up (also with Aol) there was an ordinary line fault. When corrected the engineer phoned me to check. I asked in passing about an increase of gain. He said no problem and I think tweaked an increase from a default of "5" to about 7 or 8 out of 10.

The point is that my access speed went up fom an average of 33K to 40K..... Ordinary telephone conversations remained the same as usual.

There are always people on this forum who see the word Aol and start to get overheated............ I think you might fix this problem without swopping ISP or modem.

  Henmin 16:23 15 Feb 2005


Thanks for you advise and comments.
FelixTCat - How do you actually go into Modem Drivers? Well here's what I did: My Computer - Control Panel - Modems -in Modems Properities - I Clicked Properties then Connections - Here the Following boxes are Ticked - (1)Wait for dial tone before dialing (2)Cancel the call if not connected within BOX 60 secs.

Where do I find the number my Modem dials.

Storik - I'm still on AOL8. Because of my Modem's outdated Drivers AOL said so I can't use AOL9. Installation is Ok but when I try to connect I can't. Of course AOL9 is much better. No I don't get constant disconnections. The Problems are few and far between. If I want AOL9 then I'll go out and get a new Modem.

So far, I've been with AOL for about three years and I haven't had many problems as I know so many others who are having with their ISPs. All ISPs have their Good and Bad points.

I'm hooked on to NTL for my Internet. I have BT as well but I keep BT only for Incoming calls.

Diemmess - Yea we all have our likes and dislikes about certain things. I'll see how it goes and may be I'll switch my NTL Internet line connection to my BT line. I'd like to get BroadBand but I don't agree with the 12 month contract all the ISPs require.


  FelixTCat 18:18 15 Feb 2005

Untick the box marked: (1)Wait for dial tone before dialing.

The number comes up when you click on the dial-up icon to dial up the internet. You may also find on a page in your modem properties that as well as not waiting for a dial tone, you can click a box to tell it to pause. Otherwise, use the comma.

  Storik 18:36 15 Feb 2005

I've had my line checked, via BT and AOL 'cos I really wanted AOL Broadband. Although I'm supposed to be able to get broadband, my line is, apparently, amber and I can't get it.

I found AOL too invasive, and was also very annoyed that they pointed to my modem as the culprit for the constant disconnections, and error message "unable to find carrier signal". The replacement I bought, wasn't cheap.

I stuck with AOL for over four months, and, instead of things improving, they got steadily worse. That's why I changed my ISP. No hysterics about AOL, honestly, they just didn't come up to my expectations.


  Diemmess 10:02 16 Feb 2005

Your query "Where do I find the number my modem dials?"

I think you can step through the setup screen for exactly that, with an alternative option to find a new list of suitable numbers.

It is a fading memory now, but you should find a list of alternative numbers. Obviously choose the freephone ones, delete any others. Try drag and drop the list to use the most reliable number from your experience...there always seemed to be one number that worked best and one that was OK but very slow.

  Henmin 12:08 16 Feb 2005


I have both BT and NTL telephone lines. Unfortunately I'm hooked up to NTL for my Internet Connection. All out going calls, we use NTL because they're a bit cheaper than BT. I have BT only for incoming calls. Sadly also with AOL they have only ONE Freephone number for NTL but quite a few for BT. I'm thinking seriously of getting BroadBand then of course I can transfer my Internet Connection to BT as I will be able to use both the telephone and Internet at the same time. NTL BroadBand is not yet in my area. They're taking a ages to bring it here. Their BB is much cheaper than most.

Thanks for the info.


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