modem trouble

  nhojnhoj35 17:43 09 May 2004

i`ve a problem that has occured in the past. maybe someone could give an opinion. i`m not the best when it comes to hardware problems..

its my dads pc and when we try to connect to dial up internet it says `cannot detect a dial up tone from the modem.`

i have checked settings, communicated with modem and checked in device manager, all ok.

i uninstalled the driver then re-installed and a windows message popped up saying that the driver was not `xp approved`. i continued anyway and it was installed but the problem still remained.

ah, well you might say-thats your problem but.....

the last time this happened my dad took the pc to the supplier who said `the modem had been disconnected`. he then charged him £10 to `reconnect` it.
well i`ve searched high and low and cant find any setting that `connects` or `disconnects` the modem.
could anyone shed light on this? i think maybe the modems just goosed.

  User-324448 18:16 09 May 2004

Have you got either "Call waiting " or BTs anwering service. if its the former switch it of, if its the latter, it just might be that you have a recorded message on the phone waiting. My old pal had this and Im proud to he deleted the message and all is now well

  Tony 18:20 09 May 2004

Hi I seen quite a few like this recently, can't explain as this usualy seems to happen after a thunder storm (i.e. Surge in phone line) and its a bit early in the year for that, but if you fitt a new modem this should cure the problem. Maybe a chip on the old modem has died, but as you can't tell buy looking yhey always pas the windows diagnostics but will not connect giving the no dial tone error message

  SANTOS7 19:21 09 May 2004

click here this may help,good luck

  nhojnhoj35 20:48 09 May 2004

thanks for those suggestions.
its not call waiting or line problems anything like that. i`ll look through that link santos7 and see if theres anything there.

the puzzle to me is that when it last happened (which is about 4 months ago) the shop said they reconnected it. that just sounds like rubbish to me BUT it came back working and has been alright since. i just can`t think what they might have done to it.

  Wuggy 21:16 09 May 2004

Just on the off chance have you tried a new or a different modem cable. It sometimes doesn't take much to upset them. If you haven't already tries it it's worth a go.

  nhojnhoj35 10:56 10 May 2004

thanks to all who responded.

the damn things suddenly started working again for no apparent reason.

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