Modem stops data transfer but stays connected

  pietrino 01:41 25 Apr 2003

I installed a Swann ST56 USB external to increase my connection speed, which it did by over 30%.

However after a time (never the same length) it suddenly stops downloading even though it is still connected. I'm using XP. I reinstalled the modem twice and deleted and reinstalled the dialup connection. I have the latest driver.

Next time I will NOT buy any hardware that is not Microsoft approved for XP, even if the manufacturer says it's OK.

Can anyone please help.

  Tog 07:45 25 Apr 2003

Are you sure it is a problem with the modem? This can happen because of traffic levels on your ISP or the site you are visiting.

  pietrino 08:15 25 Apr 2003

I used my previous USR modem for 3 years and this problem never happened. It has happened about 10 times over the last 2 days since I installed the Swann, so have temporarily (I hope) returned to the USR with no problams.

  stlucia 08:56 25 Apr 2003

How long before it stops downloading -- seconds, minutes, tens of minutes? How long have you waited to see if the modem recommences the download? What size files are we talking about? What speed is it connecting at? Is your USR modem 56k also?

For a while my new 56K modem was reporting that it was connecting at 114-or-so Kb, and was behaving erratically. When I manually restricted its maxiumum speed to 56K (somewhere in its or my ISP provider's setup menu -- I can't remember exactly where) it started behaving itself.

  pietrino 09:11 25 Apr 2003

The time to stop varies from 10 minutes to 4 hours. The USR modem is also 56k. I have had the USB one to connect at 115200. My connection to the ISP is 52000 but the actual d/l speeds are about 45kb/s

I waited about 20 minutes to see if it would restart. I was trying to access all sorts of, web pages, video clips downloaded by Getright. All just stopped.

  stlucia 09:31 25 Apr 2003

I don't believe you can get 115200 out of a 56k modem with a 52k connection -- so that's probably the root cause of your reliability problem. As I say, try restricting its speed to 56k in the setup screen and see if that improves the reliability.

Unless someone can tell me otherwise, I would say that the 45k you're getting from your USR modem is a fair average given the realities of ISP capacity, traffic, etc.

  pietrino 09:42 25 Apr 2003

Sorry, I must have been misleading....the 45kb/s is from the Swann. The USR is only getting 33kb/s...that's why I wanted to upgrade.

I've always had the USR set at 115200 in the "modem properties", without problems. But it might be worth a try to halve that speed and see what happens.

  Gaz 25 12:58 25 Apr 2003

It stoped my PC hanging when it was disconecting.

  Gaz 25 12:59 25 Apr 2003

click here

Hope this has helped you.


  Stalker 13:17 25 Apr 2003

do you mean 3.3kb/s cause otherwise that super quick for a 56k connection!!!

Umm things to check are if your using a via chipset you have the latest 4 in 1 drivers and the usb patch driver, not sure about other chipsets.

Have you tried the modem on another computer to see if it does the same thing might actually be a hardware problem ?


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