Modem speed

  Nole 14:58 12 Dec 2003

Having upgradedmy OS to XP, I was forced to replace my modem since XP wouldn't recognise it. It is an Intel V92. Connection speed with AOL v *.0 has dropped from 48000 bps to 36000 bps on average. Manufacturer Sitecom says it is AOL's fault for not implementing V92. Aol says it is the modem settings are wrong, but I have just installed the latest driver. Who is right.

Noel Martin

  LeadingMNMs 16:07 12 Dec 2003

Try checking this:

Go to Control Panel - Phone and Modem Options - Modems - Properties - Modems - Maximum Port Speed. Change the maximum port speed to the highest option (115200). Also just try the connectors to the phone line and into the back of the modem.

I lost speed when i had multiple devices pluged into one telephone socket. My speed picked up after directly wiring the modem extension into the socket (although getting the wires in the right place was a pain).

Hope this helps

  rev.bem 17:30 12 Dec 2003

I am also using an Intel V92 modem on Blueyonder dial up who support V92. it is set to its maximum setting 921600bps and is showing a connection speed of 921.6kbps(i wish)

The only time it slowed to a crawl was when i foolishly installed an updated driver from the Windows update site,re-installing the driver supplied with the modem cured that one.

click here

Is a good place to test your modem speed i'm getting 6060cps

  Stuartli 17:47 12 Dec 2003

I had this problem with my Diamond SupraExpress 56i V Pro after moving up to XP from Win98SE.

Fastest speed was 33.6kbps but installing the very last driver issued for the modem (Win2000) bumped the speed to the normal 49.2kbps with Tiscali and 51.7-52kbps with Pipex.


Got the same result, within a whisker, with Tiscali...:-)

  rev.bem 18:05 12 Dec 2003

Whisker up or whisker down?


  Stuartli 09:19 14 Jan 2004

Go to:

click here

and read the section starting about a third of the way down with:

"Getting better connection speeds First, a quick bucket of cold water (called reality) for owners of 56k modems - you will never achieve connection speeds of 56,000 bit/s, not ever, and any speed over 33,600 is a 56k connection."

with regard to DTE and DCE speed indications.

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