Modem sometimes fails to initialise.

  martjc 12:59 29 Mar 2003

Some times my modem seems to hide itself from the system. Occasionally, I will try to access the internet using the dial up connection. The modem can usually be heard dialling out, but not so on these strange occasions. The connection just fails in total silence. After this has happened I can run a diagnostic on the modem ant get no report from AT commands. It is a standard Rockwell ACF II 56k modem. My connection is fine, as far as I can tell. After this happens I need to re-boot and everything is fine again.
Any advice people? Thank you.

  Stuartli 20:19 29 Mar 2003

In DialUp Networking>ISP>Properties try adding one or two commas immediately between the area code number and the ISP telephone number.

You may also need to find the correct .init string for your modem - have a look here:

click here

If you need to add or renew the .init string it will go in Extra Settings.

  wee eddie 20:37 29 Mar 2003

I have spent many a happy hour trying to sort this, as all my settings appear unchanged. To no availl.

Re-booting has solved the problem every time.

  wee eddie 20:39 29 Mar 2003

I shall watch the thread with interest

  martjc 13:20 31 Mar 2003

There doesn't seem to be a DUN icon on my machine. I am using Blueyonder cable connection.
Stuartli, where would the Extra settings you mention be?

  vaughan007 13:39 31 Mar 2003

I used to have this problem from time to time (Windows 98). I never found a fix either.

  Stuartli 17:07 31 Mar 2003

I don't know if DialUp Networking applies to cable - DUN should be listed through My Computer, Explore and then click on DialUp Networking.

To find the Extra Settings panel go to My Computer>Properties>Device Manager>Modems. Click on the + button and your modem should be listed.

Highlight it and select Properties. On the Connection tab you will see an Advanced panel.

Clicking this will bring up the Extra Setttings field.

If you do use DUN there is a 1.4 version update on the DUN home page via Microsoft's Windows Families page.

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