Modem Router for Fibre Optic

  ChestnutToffee 13:04 23 Oct 2013

Hi I am thinking of upgrading to Fibre Optic Broadband and understand I may have to change my router. I currently have an excellent router - BELKIN N1 Wireless Modem Router

The ones suggested for the Fibre Optic do not seem all that good. Could anyone say if my current Belkin would be adequate if I changed to Fibre tic

  lotvic 14:03 23 Oct 2013

When you upgrade your ISP will provide and install the new Fibre Optic Router, so you don't need to do anything.

Which ISP are you with? there are usually guides on their sites that tell you how the upgrade all works.

  sunnystaines 14:15 23 Oct 2013

I am upgrading to fibre tomorrow, talktalk have sent me a router of sorts but i think it just plugs into the the standard router on reading the leaflets. Also told an engineer will attend for three hours,hoping he is just going to replace the socket and set up no idea what else he will do. My upgrade will cost an extra £5 per month.

i am using a belkin too which was far better that the standard talktalk router i will post back once all fitted.

  onthelimit1 14:17 23 Oct 2013

As I understand it (I am STILL waiting for BT to tell me that Fibre Optic is available), the ISP will provide a special modem to which any router can be connected - some provide this router as well as the modem. If yours is a modem router, it will not be any good.

  lotvic 14:32 23 Oct 2013

I agree, it is as onthelimit1 says "ISP will provide a special modem to which any router can be connected". Also I think I read that some modem routers can have their 'modem' part switched off and be used as just a router.

sunnystaines will have more info in his next posting (hope your upgrade goes smoothly - you need two electrical 3pin wall sockets near the phone master socket - they had to move my master socket from hall to lounge :))

  spuds 12:33 24 Oct 2013

Usually when you have problems, the ISP's question might be as to what router/modem you are using. If they did not supply the unit, then there could be a chance, that the ISP might not offer support, as a 'let-out' clause?.

When I had a 'disconnection and slow speed' problem, my ISP (TalkTalk) initially sent out their own local sub-contracted engineer. The first thing he did, was replace the previous ISP supplied router/modem "for a better model". I didn't ask for the change, but the engineer's experience suggested this was the best?.

  alanrwood 12:53 24 Oct 2013

Hi Spuds

What model did he replace it with.

  hastelloy 13:21 24 Oct 2013

Just been switched to fibre this morning. Checked with my ISP before committing to the switch and my existing router is compatible so they supplied a new modem which is now connected to the router. The BT engineers cabled around 18 metres from the main socket to my router.

I have just done a number of speed tests and am getting around 37 Mbps download and 9 Mbps upload - I was struggling to get 2.5 download before.

They say it will take a day or 2 to stabilise.

So ChestnutToffee check with your ISP to see if your Belkin router is compatible. If not ask for a list for compatible routers. My ISP offer a small number of compatible routers - mine isn't one of them but they do have a list.

  spuds 13:34 24 Oct 2013

alanrwood, the original was a Thomson SpeedTouch 330, that was replaced with a model that I have forgotten the name, which in turn was replaced by "the better" Huawei EchoLife HG 520b router.

For fibre optic, I believe TalkTalk are using what they refer to as "Plus Routers", namely D-Link DSL 3780 or the Huawei H533.

You might find more information on the two 'Plus' routers click here

  sunnystaines 13:35 24 Oct 2013

still waiting for the engineer here, been quoted two different speeds for fibre optic one caller said 38meg another said 19meg so not sure what speed i will be getting but the standard B/B has dropped to 0.8 and been bad for a while now.

i have my old talktalk router ready incase he cannot use the belkin. We keep our router by the phone socket [has double plug socketthere too], hoping no cabling needed as just had the whole place decorated

  ChestnutToffee 14:00 24 Oct 2013

Once agan this Forum to the rescue. I am with zen and find them excellent to deal with.

Thank you all - your replies are very much appreciated.

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