Phrixos 23:28 10 Nov 2007


I'm about to take the plunge into wireless networking. My first task is to get the right gear--but I am unclear about one thing.

I am under the impression that there are "wireless routers" (which connect to a broadband modem) and "Broadband routers"--or "DSL Routers" (which have the modem integrated into the router).

Simply on the basis of desk clutter (and one less item needing an electrical outlet) I would prefer this second option--but product specifications do not seem to specify if a modem is integrated or not.

Am I wrong about the integration?


  rdave13 23:35 10 Nov 2007

Just make sure that the router you buy is a modem/router. If it's not specifically stated a modem/router then don't buy.

  Dipso 23:59 10 Nov 2007

If you are on cable broadband you should be looking to buy a router so that you can connect the supplied cable modem up to it. If on broadband over a BT line it's best to buy a combined modem/router as the most ADSL modems are USB and not very many ADSL routers have USB ports.

If the latter option check out the Netgear DG834G, DG834GT, DG834PN, DG834N which are all combined modem routers as are the Belkin 7633 and N1.

  rdave13 00:08 11 Nov 2007

Forgot about cable broadband.

  ambra4 04:47 11 Nov 2007


You have two options to set up your wireless network

Option 1

Using your present modem you would just need to buy a Wireless cable/DSL Router + USB Adapter Kit like the one listed below

D-Link 54Mbps Wireless Cable/DSL Router + USB Adapter

click here

If the computer that you want to connect wireless have a build in wireless card then there is no need to buy a USB adapter, just buy a 54Mbps Wireless Cable/ DSL Broadband Router like the one listed below

This Wireless Cable/ DSL Broadband Router will work on both a Cable broadband system and an ASDL broadband system via the telephone line

It would be a lot easily for you if the router and the adapter were from the same company like the one listed below

click here

With this option you would plug the Ethernet cable from the modem, which was connected, to your computer to the Wan port on the wireless router, connect a second Ethernet cable from port 1 on the router to the computer Lan port

Once you have connected all the cable you need to configure the router, you will need to read the manual before trying to configure the router.

  ambra4 04:48 11 Nov 2007

Option 2

This option will not work with a Cable broadband system only with an ASDL broadband system via the telephone line

You would just buy an all in one ASDL Modem Wireless Router and adapter as a kit like the one listed below

Buffalo Wireless 54Mbps ADSL2/2+ Modem Router Kit with Wireless USB Adapter

click here

With this option you would remove your present modem and install the new modem wireless router

Connect the phone line to the ASDL port at back of router; connect an Ethernet cable from port 1 on the router to the computer Lan port

Once you have connected the cable you need to configure the router

You will need to read the manual before trying to configure the new ASDL Modem Wireless Router

If your present modem is connected via a USB port you will have to buy a Lan card and install it into the computer if there is none installed to use both options

If your present modem is via the telephone line but can only connect via an USB port you will have to go with Option 2

You should take a read at these sites it would help you to understand about wireless networking using Windows XP

click here

click here

I you using Windows Vista take a read on how to set up the wireless network

click here

  ambra4 04:53 11 Nov 2007

Should read "If you using Windows Vista"

Hope this information will help you in setting up your broadband wireless system

Post back if you need any more advise

  Phrixos 12:56 11 Nov 2007

Don't know where my last post went to, thanking you guys (& gals?) for al your help.

Thus to repeat, the system (I am about to build) will have Windows Vista on an ASLUS P5E - which has Marvel LAN built in. I've built several computers in the past but have no experience so far with networking, and so am unsure what LAN is, exactly, and only know that it is necessary, somehow.

I'm surprised at how old the reviews are on modem-routers. Hard to find any written in 2007!

That said, I seem to be settling on a Neggear DG834N. Limited deskspace makes its vertical format attractive (and it is said to run cool). By numerous accounts, installation seems to be very easy.

I am a bitput off, however, by one "con", which says it "requires card and router for full speed boost"--which sounds an expensive extra. Can someone tell me what that means?

(Any opinions on offer, on the DG834N?)


  Dipso 16:23 11 Nov 2007

The DG834N is a good choice, it is very stable and does run cool, I have one at the moment. Netgears are very easy to install either by using the wizard or manually.

The DG834N offers Rangemax N wireless speeds of up to 270 Mbps however, in order to benefit from the full speed you are recommended to buy the matching WN121T USB adapter , WN311B PCI card or WN511B laptop card. However, this is only of real benefit if you do a lot of file sharing between PC's on a home network, if you only intend to share an internet connection or minimal network sharing a 54Mbps or 108Mbps wireless card would suffice.

Many retailers bundle the matching USB adapter for not much more than the router alone so it's worth shopping around e.g. click here and click here
click here I didn't go for the compatible wireless adapter and use my own 54Mbps one and got my router pretty cheaply from click here

  Phrixos 22:16 11 Nov 2007

Uh, not so sure about the WN311b adapter. Several users have reported sound problems. (The Netgear site indicates a GA311 adapter, which I took to be appropriate. Is there an essential difference?)


  Phrixos 22:25 11 Nov 2007

Just had another look at the WN311b card. That's no ordinary ethernet cable coming out of it. It's a dual-connector, split cable of a kind I've never seen before.

Assuming this is the card to go for, can you tell me what cable spect to buy?

(Once I am assured on the sound issue, the bundle idea sure sounds like a good one. Thanks.)

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