Modem problems

  Magic VI 08:14 03 Oct 2003

When I try toconnect to both my ISPs through a modem & BT line I get the usual whistles and burps for about 6 seconds and then it turns to a lower single tone (not the engaged signal) and will not complete the connection . The phone line is the same one as I use for my laptop without problems. I have reinstalled W98 and all the drivers; the device manager says the modem is working properly and the dignostics come up OK.
Any ideas out there?

  DieSse 08:58 03 Oct 2003

Device Manager does NOT test the modem - it merely confirms that it thinks the drivers are correctly installed. The diagnostics do test part of the modem, but not the part that handles the actual connection to the line and data transmission/reception.

My guess is that you need a new modem. the acid test would be to try it in another location and/or try the modem in another system.

  graham√ 09:25 03 Oct 2003

Sounds like you are being kicked out by the remote server. Assuming the password is correct, is it possible your ISP account is restricted to one computer?

  keenan 09:26 03 Oct 2003

As 'DieSse' says ,try it in another system if poss.
Unless you have a fax console enabled in which case you could try sending a fax.

  Magic VI 09:10 08 Nov 2003

Thanks everybody.
Sory it has taken so long but have been unwell & then holiday and then it took Amazon 3 weeks to get a new modem to me. Then I had problems loading the drivers. Then it kept telling me that the mo0dem was not installed just before connecting me. That problem was because there was an undeclared Intel modem driver in the system somewhere which I found. I chan ged to the new one in Control Panel, Intenet properties...
All OK now.

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