modem problems

  the old man 09:26 16 Aug 2003

have a new SumVision 56k modem which has two connection sockets for phone and line. Because I use the same line for the telephone and the internet the book says I should plug one end of the line into the "phone" port of the modem, and the other end to the telephone. now have the problem that if i connect to the internet for the first time then fine. if i log off and go back on later then the only way to connect is if i take out the phone lead and put it back into the line socket on the modem. why does this happen. have also noticed that the download speed on the 'phone' socket is 28.8kbps and the download speed on the 'line' socket jumps to 46kbps.
advise needed please.

  Forum Editor 09:35 16 Aug 2003

for a couple of pounds or so and plug it into the BT wall socket. Plug the modem lead into one of the two sockets on the splitter, and the phone lead into the other.

You shouldn't have any problems.

  the old man 09:50 16 Aug 2003

have been doing that for last few years and have had no problems with old diamond supra modem, only had one socket on that though.

  Forum Editor 10:11 16 Aug 2003

the 'phone' socket on the modem.

Plug one lead from the modem to the phone socket on the wall. The lead from the phone plugs straight into the wall socket - not the socket on the modem.

Are you saying that you've done this, and it still doesn't work?

  the old man 11:17 16 Aug 2003

splitter is in the wall junction box. the telephone line is in the top socket and works fine. the lead from the modem is in the second splitter socket. whichever way round the leads are, the problem with the sockets on the modem still exists. i still have to chop and change the lead between the sockets on the modem.

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