modem problem

  ANTHONY-268247 12:54 06 Apr 2003

I installed a modem in my digital 1511 pentium II computer and it worked perfectly.
I transported the computer to my office and it would not dial out.
I reinstalled it with a different ISP it now dials out but when it connects the connection screen hangs on checking password and will not proceed further .
I think I may have mucked up the protocol anyone know how to check this

  pepe 13:02 06 Apr 2003

It could be that your office connection goes through an exchange, ie that you need to dial 9 to obtain an outside line, if so entering a 9 in front of the ISP number, and turning off the option to "Wait for dialtone before dialling" in the modem options should cure the problem. It is also worth remembering that many if not all ISP's check the number you are dialling from against the one you used when registering with them to ensure that you are the person authuorised to use the account.

  ANTHONY-268247 13:09 06 Apr 2003

There is no exchange or need for special dialing proceedures I have other computers that dial from the same number with no difficulty.
I think ther is a set proceedure for checking the protocol settings etc

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