Modem problem.

  Ex plorer 00:40 30 Dec 2011

Hi having problems with wired and wireless connections.

I have changed the ADSL filter twice. There has been 1 other laptop and 2 phones over Christmas at home with no one been able to connect.

They have never had problems in the past.

I have reset the modem, and run the set up from the BT Voyager 2100 configuration manager.

At times I can connect but no one else can.

I found I could type a search into the PCA search bar and open to a page of titles to choose from but not open them.

Google Bing yahoo typing a search into them brought up nothing just a blank page.

Opening network in Control panel or anywhere else just freezes the laptop but then it has done that for the past 3 years.

Skype has remained in use at all times wired or wireless which seems odd to talk send messages etc, when I cant connect to the net.

OS Vista R610 samsung laptop

  northumbria61 23:37 30 Dec 2011

Take a look here enter link description here

  Ex plorer 16:50 01 Jan 2012

northumbria61 Thanks I will give suggestions from thread a try out I haven't any thing to loose.

Just got back on line this afternoon but its so sloooooow. Speed Test download 0.1Mb upload 0.4Mb I can only get 1/2 a Gig at best of times but its always been OK for what I want.

Never had to sit back and wait for a page to load until now.

My daughters lap top will now connect but its sloooow to.

BT Voyager Trouble shooting Diagnostics Test show ATM OAM F4 segment ping:Fail Ping primary Domain Name Server:Fail

I am with Tiscali so this may be the problem I will have to google and find out or ring them. I will try a new j11 cable and if all fails a new modem as last resort.

  john bunyan 17:12 01 Jan 2012

Had a similar problem some time go:

In the end Tiscali / Talk Talk admitted a problem at their link at the local exchange LLY. I would phone them before getting a new router.

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