modem problem

  Vittorio 14:19 15 Nov 2004

Power was lost to my PC, running XP Home, when the cable was dislodged. Trying to re-start, I received the message:
'NTLDR is missing
Press Ctrl +Alt +Del to restart'
But this instruction just brought up the same message, so I re-installed Windows from a back-up disk. When the Desktop came up, the icon for my dial-up ISP (Tiscali) was missing. I re-installed Tiscali from disk, but neither Tiscali nor Windows could detect a modem. Also,'modem'is not listed in the Device Manager.
In the Tiscali Dial-up Window, a'connection problem (777)' came onscreen. Looking in Modem Configuration, I was informed that 'The connection failed because the modem on the remote computer is out of order'. In Dial-up Connection I was told: 'Dial-up connection unavailable - device missing'.
I've tested the line to the phone jack and noted that the light on the (internal) modem is working.I don't know where to go from here. How do I get my modem (Ambient V.92) back in service? Any suggestions gratefully received.


  Urotsukidoji 14:30 15 Nov 2004

this sounds like you did an over the top installation, did you format the hard drive first?

you may also need to reinstall all the drivers for the devices in your machine, one easy way to check is to open device manager (start|control panel|switch to classic view (if needed)|system|hardware|device manager

and see what is plinged (has a yellow icon with an exclamation mark (|) next to it.

also try a btclick account, you only pay for the call (0845 number) and you do not have to supply a real id you can use anything (i.e. username: cheese password cheese) if you can connect via that then the problem is with the isp, and so you will need to contact them, or try a full clean install, but be aware tyhis will wipe off all the files on your pc, so a backup is advised.

  woodt 14:48 15 Nov 2004

When the cable was dislodged you may have unseated the modem card slightly. If you are confident enough then power down your PC and unplug from the mains. Take the cover off and see if your Modem card is loose. Remember to earth yourself first.

  woodt 14:54 15 Nov 2004

If the card is seated correctly then try adding it manually by using Add Hardware in control panel. Download the latest drivers for your modem from click here If this doesn't work youmay need a new modem.

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