modem problem?

  mde 19:21 24 Jul 2004

When connected to the internet, I get strange "phone calls" which disconnect me from the internet. When I pick up the handset I get a high pitched whine. Also I'm finding that my computer is trying to dial out when I'm not connected.

BT says the calls are generated by my system, because they don't register with 1471.

I run an upto date virus checker and zone alarm pro. Upto date versions of Adaware and Spybot say all is OK.

Do I have a physical problem with my modem, or is it a software problem. This only started recently and is getting worse. I haven't loaded any programs which are likely to cause this.

I use Windows 98SE with IE 6.02, though I use Netscape 7.0 as my browser. The modem is a Conexant Soft56 Data Fax Speakerphone PCI modem.

I've tried conecting via a different isp with the same result.

  howard60 20:44 24 Jul 2004

is your modem connected to the master phone point or on an extension. Your problem is suggesting to me a bad connection to the line.

  Djohn 21:01 24 Jul 2004

The high pitched whine you hear is probably the modem signal, similar to the noise you will hear if you dial a fax machine by mistake.

Have you checked for virus on your system? there may be a dialler that is trying to dial out.

Give addaware and Spybot S&D a run through to see if they pick anything up.

Addaware. click here

Spybot. click here

  mde 11:37 26 Jul 2004

My modem plugs in to the master socket so no problem there
Virus check and Adaware and spybot say AOK

Anyone else any ideas?

  mde 20:39 29 Sep 2007

The problem was a faulty BT connection on the outside line, not my fault.
Thanks for the help

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