Modem or ISP? Connection probs.

  katswhiskers 11:59 25 Jan 2005

I have a month old Systemax Tourbook 4107 with an Agere Systems AC'97 modem. Three times now I've been unable to connect to ISP and have reinstalled modem and started a new account with my ISP.

My ISP say this is a cheap 'software' modem and is known to cause this prob. and that I should send laptop back and demand a decent 'hardware' modem.

Thing is, I can sometimes connect to another ISP when the original is not connecting!

Anyone else have same prob. I don't really want the fuss of sending it back to makers.

  Muzz_former_aol_employee 14:28 25 Jan 2005

Having worked for AOL as the name suggests I've had alot of experience of this issue. Many people claim that ISP's tell them that software modems or out of date drivers cause issues and that this is a lie.

To be honest this could be your issue. The trouble is ISP's just dont have time to test their software with various types of modems and brands. This is why issue arise as support is only really given for popular brands. My advice is to go out and get yourself an external 56K modem or a decent internal one. You could try the latest drivers for your software modem.

  Chezdez 14:30 25 Jan 2005

you'll be much better off with a hardware modem anyway. their not very expensive these days, having said that, neither is broadband ;)

  961 14:32 25 Jan 2005

The classic way to tell is to set up a pay per minute connection with another ISP

If it's the modem or its software then they will both be the same. If it's the ISP then the new connection will work

  TomJerry 14:42 25 Jan 2005

most modems nowdays are software modem because it is cheaper

some modem come with some "hardware" (e.g. some usb modems) are not real hardware modem because it does not have modem chip, it only provide wire coneection, modem functions are done by software

you can try different isp to see what is the problem and try to upgrade modem driver software

if you want 0845 isp without registertion

Phone Number Details: Country Code: 44
Area Code: 0845
Phone Number: 0966875

User Details: Username: [email protected]
Password: 0845

info from click here, it also provide very good pay as you go internet access card

If you really want external modem (not necessarily hardware)

Dynamode 56k PCMCIA Modem £33.40 click here

Dynamode 56k Ext USB - Modem £22.99 click here

  Storik 16:57 25 Jan 2005

and I went to expense of buying a new modem. I still had the same problems. Constant disconnections, when I finally managed to get one, which wasn't often.

Changed to BT and now my dialup connection is more stable but no faster than 28.8kbps. You just can't win!


  ^wave^ 17:21 25 Jan 2005

check what else you have connected to your phone line ie sky how many phones you can only have so much on one line if you have sky unplug it and try again

  Storik 23:05 25 Jan 2005

A tip I got from a young lady at BT gave me food for thought. If there are any messages on the BT answer service, it may give you an error message "Phone line is busy".

I've had this service disconnected and put in an answering machine instead. Might be of interest or help to you.


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