Modem not working

  User-E70658AE-BDD7-4DD5-AE5EE3B7769D7D2C 10:44 01 Apr 2004

A friend of mine cannot connect to the Internet. He has an internal Modem (56K) dial up connection and thinks he is running Windows 95 - he is not computer literate (or for that matter am I), I just do not believe it has suddenly packed up, is it possible to check whether his Modem has been disabled. Dial up connection window pops up but no dial tone dialogue appears. The self diagnostic facility is very primitive and quite frankly even I can see it is next to useless to try and resolve this problem.
Any ideas please?

  curlylad 11:58 01 Apr 2004

You say it just stopped working , try this
Start, select programs, select accessories, select communications, then select hyperterminal.When the window opens for hyperterminal,select Hypertrm.exe to launch the hyperterminal.When the description box opens click cancel,you should now be at the main hyperterminal window in manual mode.Type AT and press enter, if you get no response,you have a hardware problem.If you receive an OK message your modem is working.
Try this then post back !

Thank you for that, however my friend will not be back until close of play today so cannot try it out. Nevertheless, I tried it out on my own puter and it gave me an OK for my own Modem. Will keep you informed.

He has come back to me and said that he is getting OK on hyper terminal. What do we check next please?

  lpl56407 18:17 02 Apr 2004

Is the cable between the modem and BT socket plugged in OK at both ends?

Not silly at all (after all we all check the petrol when we stop on the motorway, don't we?) yes he assures me all external leads connected.

  lpl56407 20:59 02 Apr 2004

When the dial up window pops up get him to amend the phone number to another (yours for example).
Does this dial out?

  buddingprod 21:58 02 Apr 2004

Have you had any storms in your area, since the last time the modem worked ?
Sometimes the modem is damaged, if permanently plugged in to the phone line, with no protection. (Surge protection sockets)

  woodchip 22:00 02 Apr 2004

Try a phone on the Line he plugs the modem into. also check with a different modem lead

  Giggle n' Bits 00:19 03 Apr 2004

there are still damaged phone lines. Stockport is still effected and parts of the M43/M34/OL6/OL7 postcodes.

Before his modem went awol, what did he do last with the machine or possibly has the pc been moved ?

When going to dial, what error code/s I know they alternate.

Has he tried a repair or reinstall of Internet Explorer?

Uninstall the Dial Up Networking from windows components reboot and reistall then add TCP/IP and a Dial up adpater to Dial up networking, maybe there damaged.
Check the region is set to UK and also the setting in control panel is for Tone and not Pulse.
Is his Clock/year ok ?

  curlylad 00:51 03 Apr 2004

Sorry I took so long to get back , just got in from work.Right , If you are getting OK on the Hyperterminal then your modem is definately working fine.Next make sure that the phone line the modem is connected to is working so disconnect the modem and then connect a working phone to the same phone line,if the phone doesn't have a dial tone then your socket is up the spout , if you have another phone socket try that or get it repaired.
If you use voice mail some of these services change the dial tone to indicate when you have a message and this modified tone may not be recognised by your modem so answer your voice message and try dialing again.
It could also be that you have your phone line plugged into the wrong socket on the modem itself.There are usually 2 sockets on modems , one labelled 'line' and one 'phone'.Make sure the phone line is connected to the one labelled 'line'.
If all this fails it is not a bad connection , a dodgy phone line socket , or a defective modem so it could be an incorrect configuration within Windows.
Try the above and if this fails report back.
Good luck !

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