Modem not installing

  malarky 23:15 03 Nov 2003

A friend has a pc that had a new hard drive fitted. The modem will not communicate with the outside world. I put the modem in an old DEC pc and it installed as a "3COM WINDOWS MODEM TI" and connected through COM3 and it worked fine. I installed another modem into her PC, using the the driver disk and it put itself on COM4 and worked ok. When I try to put her modem on her PC, it sees it as a "US Robotics Sportster 33.6" and only gives the option to install on COM1 or 2 (but both show up twice on the menu). Both PCs are running Win98. Any ideas?

  Diodorus Siculus 21:55 04 Nov 2003

Try removing the modem from the Device manager and try reinstalling again... it might be of some help.

  A_World_Maker 22:00 04 Nov 2003

Is it a card modem or USB?, if USB you might need to udate 98 to SE status? and download the USB driver hub for 98?????

  A_World_Maker 22:01 04 Nov 2003

My own previous setup, prefered that the modem was installed as a HSD device, for some reason, but worked ok.

  woodchip 22:03 04 Nov 2003

It's a Card WinModem.

Where is the correct driver for it

  woodchip 22:04 04 Nov 2003

PS its not a good idea to let windows load drivers

  A_World_Maker 22:06 04 Nov 2003

Did you remove all traces of the old modem's software before installing?... as its only giving you the options of other coms 1 & 2 to connect, it might be the previous software is still hooked into the coms 3 & 4? Unless I am mistaken, the Com 1 is reserved for the mouse?

  woodchip 14:04 05 Nov 2003

Go to Windows\Inf and look for an old Modem .inf file and remove it

  woodchip 14:05 05 Nov 2003

PS that should be C:\Windows\Inf\Other folder

  malarky 22:49 06 Nov 2003

Thanks to all who took the time to answer my query. Special thanks to WOODCHIP. I did what you said and it installed as 3COM WINDOWS MODEM TI on COM3.

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