Modem - No dialling tone......

  ams4127 19:17 03 Dec 2003

I recently sold my last computer to a friend and got a call from him the other night saying that he was unable to connect and set up an account with Freeserve because the modem kept saying that it couldn't detect a dial tone.

I went round to his house, checked the machine and couldn't find anything wrong. I suggested he contact BT and have the gain turned up. He did so, but still nothing. He then took the machine to one of his mates, unplugged that machine, connected his, but still nothing.

Not best pleased and convinced I had sold him a pup, he brought the offending machine in to work today. I took it home and, without altering anything, plugged it in and connected straightaway. I phoned him, he came round and saw it working.

He has now taken it home again.

Apart from checking if his phone line is a DACS can anyone suggest anything else to try?

  keenan 19:31 03 Dec 2003

Have you tried to go into modem properties and switch off the 'Wait for dial tone before dialling' box.

  [email protected]@m 19:36 03 Dec 2003

DACS will not stop it connecting, it may affect the speed.

If it works in your house, but not in your friends, and nothing has been altered on the computer, the first thing to investigate is his telephone socket and leads.

  Diodorus Siculus 21:23 03 Dec 2003

What cable are you using between the modem and the wall - if it is a 4 pin modem and you use a 4 pin cable at home, but he uses a 2 pin cable, there will be no dial tone. (Hope that makes sense... :-} )

  Jester2K II 21:33 03 Dec 2003

Check the number of phones, faxes etc they have plugged in. Make sure there are no more than 4 in total on the same line.

Also they'll need to disable call waiting too if they have it. Make sure they have a standard dialling tone and not a two tone one which indicates messages waiting on BTs Call Minder service.

Remove any splitters too.

  ams4127 22:47 03 Dec 2003

Thanks for all your replies. Let me answer each, in turn.

Yes, I've turned off the wait for dial tone box.

I also think it all points towards his socket and/or line.

Same cable each time.

Only the one phone. No faxes or anything else. Standard dialling tone.

I hadn't thought of call waiting. I'll pass that on tomorrow.

Once again, many thanks for all your help.

One last thing, different modems don't have different levels of sensitivity, do they?

  [email protected]@m 22:54 03 Dec 2003

Call Waiting will not affect connection. Call Diversion will - if activated, that will give interrupted dial tone.

  woodchip 23:02 03 Dec 2003

It can only be the Line connection Cable or socket wired different

  ams4127 17:02 05 Dec 2003

Thanks again for all your replies.

The saga has moved on.....

The BT man arrived yesterday and said that the line in my friends's house was perfect. The gain had been turned up as high as possible (level 5). To prove it, he plugged his laptop into the line and logged on with no problem.

Which brings me back to the original question - why on earth will the computer work perfectly in my house but not in my friend's? There is nothing left on the computer that refers to my old ISP - I was using ISDN, and that card and it's drivers have also been removed, and the registry cleaned.

I'm getting round to the idea of removing the modem and drivers and then reinstalling again.
What little hair I have left is rapidly vanishing!

Once again, thanks in advance for any ideas - however wild!

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