modem and irq problem

  robin-337338 20:30 01 May 2003

i have installed a usb2 card into my computer but it insists on using the same irq as my modem i have tried moving pci slots,uninstalling both then reserving the irq for the modem ,reinstall the usb card which then picks another irq but when i reinstall the modem it picks the reserved resourse which i have released,the usb card also moves to the modems irq.i have tried the above with modem then usb card but they still finish on the same will not allow me to change irq in device manager .if i install a usb modem will this still need a seperate there anyone with a solution to this problem.

  Sturmey 20:45 01 May 2003

It's normal for different components to share the same IRQ setting, does the modem and usb2 card work ok ie. can you use the modem and usb2 card at the same time.

  robin-337338 10:00 03 May 2003

if i do not disable the usb card in device manager the modem freezes

  cream. 10:14 03 May 2003

One way to get around this problem, shortage of IRQ's, is to disable either comm1 or comm2 in the bios. This will give you 1- 2 free IRQ's.

Also have you checked in Start \ programmes \ accessories \ system tools \ system information \ hardware resources \ IRQ. To see how many are activated.

If you are using X\P then this usually creates virtual IRQ's, in the same way as a virtual comm port is made available for a pci modem.

  robin-337338 20:09 04 May 2003

i have spare irq but the usb card insists on following the modem and win98 will not let me specify resources for either of the cards

  Kalb 21:25 04 May 2003

Had a similar problem with FIC m/b PA2013 with AMD K62 and 98SE which was solved by...Device Manager/System Devices-expand/select PCI Bus-highlight/Right click-Properties-select IRQ steering/disable IRQ steering/apply & restart

  robin-337338 19:39 16 May 2003

i have tried disabling irq steering but the computer disables any hardware requiring it including the usb card and the asks for it to be enabled so that they will work

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