modem / internet settings on xp

  number69 16:24 01 Feb 2003

I am having great difficulties connecting to the internet.
I use freeserve anytime and have 4 different numbers programmed in.
The modem gives out the usual noises but then I get either no response or the message
verifying password / the remote computer did not respond / the modem on the remote computer is faulty. After numerous attempts I may get connected but the connection is poor often coming up with the page is not available. It has taken over half an hour to get onto this page. I have contacted both Freeserve and BT and both say there is no problem (BT turned up the line gain).
Occasionally it will connect immediately and work perfectly
I would like to check my settings can anyone offer any advice on what the correct settings are.
Tiscali pay as you go still takes 3 or 4 attempts to connect but once on is faster.
Average connection speed is 29k the max I have ever had is 34K.
The line not suitable for broadband
Windows XP pro. 1300 megahertz AMD Duron
Gigabyte 7ZXE 1.0
Modem Supra express 56i pro v.92 with latest drivers
any advice please

  Danoh 17:07 01 Feb 2003

Have you tried all 4 Freeserve numbers and they have the same result? You might also want to try at different times of the day when there are likely to be fewer people trying to connect to Freeserve as it sounds like a combination of a slow BT line as well as slower Freeserve response causing a time-out error on your request.

Once connected and you have problems, try clicking the "Stop" button on your browser which issues a terminate command to your original request to the server and click "refresh" to issue your request again.

  number69 18:07 01 Feb 2003

Thanks for the reply
yes all 4 numbers give the same poor conection.
sometimes 1 will work other times a different number.
It has taken at least 15 attempts to get back on here and over 40 minutes. each time I did manage to get on line I could get as far as login in then all I could get was the pc advisor header various address would flash along the bottom then I would get a blank page apart from the header with done apearing at the bottom. stop or refresh just resulted in a repeat of the above.

  misery 19:23 01 Feb 2003

I know but, did you install the modem exactly as the manual stated? With some modems the driver has to installed before you install the modem into the 'puter. Also have you tries removing all traces of the modem from device manager and add/remove programs and then rebooting to allow XP to find and install its own driver. You should then be able to update the driver to the latest. also it may be prudent to remove the old driver before installing the latest.

  number69 19:38 01 Feb 2003

Thanks for the reply
-yes I have tried xp puts it as generic modem but then the modem will not operate at all.
if I then install the drivers from supra it will work.
This time the remote computer responded within seconds and I was able to accesss this page within a few seconds. - conectted at 33.2k
e mail and web pages coming through without any problems. it seems to be pot luck time dosn't seem to be the main factor.

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