Modem installation & AOL setup

  ant2408 13:20 30 Jan 2003

I have recently acquired a computer (not sure on specifics) and have installed windows XP as my O/S. my girlfriend has an existing AOL account on her computer so i have installed the disc she originally used on my computer. i have now bought an external modem (diamond express 56kb) but when i tried to connect up last night i kept getting an error message saying the ISP/LAN couldn't be detected. i followed the instructions AOL gave in their help guide without any success. is there anything further i need to do and/or doing wrong?

  woodchip 13:27 30 Jan 2003

It may be trying to setup an onboard lan-modem, have you loaded the drivers for your new modem as that is the first thing you should do

  ant2408 13:31 30 Jan 2003

I've installed the disk that came with the modem and everything seemed to run OK on the setup. there were a couple of messages saying it wasn't approved microsoft XP software that was being loaded and that it might disrupt the programs on the computer but i didn't get any further messages when i OKy'd these.
i've also done auto detect and selected the modem i've installed as the default one

  Stokey 13:52 30 Jan 2003

Is the modem V.90 or V.92? AOL will not work with some V92 modems.

Also have you carried out an Hyperterminal test?

  ant2408 13:58 30 Jan 2003

it says it is V.92 but supports V.90. might it be best to contact AOL?

i don't think i have completed a hyperterminal test. Unsure on this part as i wouldn't exactly call myself competent with this side of computers. how would i go about doing this?

  Stokey 14:51 30 Jan 2003

To carry out Hyperterminal Test goto Start> Run> type -- hypertrm At connection description……..type -- test enter Telephone number 0808 990 9000 and from there you will see results.

You might also check with AOL to see if your modem is compatible, phoning 'em is best. The on-line help is not much help usually. It's true that all V92 ARE backwards compatible BUT not with AOL unfortunately.

  Stokey 14:55 30 Jan 2003

In the event of Hyperterminal not being on your machine, this is how to install it:-

1. Double click on the My Computer icon on the desktop.

2. Double click on Control Panels folder.

3. Double click on the Add/Remove Program control panel.

4. Click on the Windows Setup tab.

5. Double click on Communications.

6. In the window that comes, there should be a line which says HyperTerminal. Put a check in the box in front of it, if there isn't already one.
7. Click on OK

8. Click on OK again.

9. If it prompts for the Windows disks/CD, then you need to supply them in order for the program to be installed.

Hope this helps.
Regards, S

  ant2408 15:16 30 Jan 2003

I'll try out everyone's suggestions when i get back tonight. cheers for all your help

  ant2408 09:48 31 Jan 2003

tried the suggestions but it still didn't work. called AOL this morning to be told that the modem probably won't be compatible with it being v.92. i apparently need to update the modem drivers (not too sure what this means) and get a modem that is from the smartlink group and it needs to be v.90. is this AOL's way of boosting the sales of a partner group or a genuine way of getting to use a modem manufacturer that works. Is there any other ISP where you don't have this much hassle?

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