modem installation

  ro1 15:40 16 Aug 2003

having replaced my modem with a Hayes - i now find that i am unable to connect with the internet....ha ve been through various checks, but it still comes back to the port...the modem is shown connected to COM2 but the device manager only shows COM1 help please...this is for hubby on a 98 second edition tiny....ttfn

  ro1 11:07 17 Aug 2003

hi satmansq - hubbys having real trouble - hes tried so many times to uninstall and install the new modem.......for instance when installed the ad/remove programme should appear, but doesnt, - im wondering if weve been sold the wrong modem this is a hayes but i see on the net there is a 'generic' for tiny -

  Stuartli 11:43 17 Aug 2003

You may need to uninstall the original modem and its drivers from Add/Remove Programs (not always listed though), before installing the new modem drivers and then letting Windows Plug 'n Play the new modem's installation.

Modems can be a real pain sometimes, but having the very latest drivers helps - Tiscali's website downloads section includes drivers for a wide range of modems, but the manufacturer's website is usually the best bet.

  ro1 13:33 17 Aug 2003

hi all - thank you so much for all your information - yet again hes on his hands and knees unplugging everything etc. and that hard at his age and knee problems, hee hee i will let you know how he progresses.........

  ro1 15:47 17 Aug 2003

modem installed according to pc, but no dialling tone - goes back to sunday when lightning struck- hubbys modem went, my pc was spat at, but survived..........still think it could use the 'tiny' generic modem - should we ask them to swap the hays they gave us or not........

  ro1 11:15 18 Aug 2003

hi again, the new modem has been successfully installed and is connected to COM2 - i can only seem to get COM 's 1 and 3 on the Device Manager - how do i get COM2 on to the Device Manager????pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  ro1 13:03 19 Aug 2003

hi there bsod - im very despondent, our motto is 'nothing ever comes easy' we have done all that you said, over and over.....i think i shall sling it in the bin, but thank you for all your efforts marfbum/joy

  ro1 17:03 19 Aug 2003

hi there again bsod - re - sling it in the bin - weve cracked it....despite every turn we were told modem was installed and working - it wasnt - then hubby decided to look in dialupnetworking, properties found the old one was still installed so cancelled, that, made a newconnection and it was internet explorer that bugged us it just wouldnt dial that will be ignored in future....again thank you soooooooo much and to all youuuuuuuuuuuuuothers toooooooooo.marfbum/joy

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