Modem Hi-jacking.

  edelinski-199425 11:03 18 Sep 2004

Can somebody to tell me where I can find some Hardware or Software to prevent modem Hi-jacking. I have big problem with my phone bill it's to large, on my bill I have record that I was call South Africa and some others but I'm not, so if somebody can help me please, I'm desperate about this.

  coolteentom 11:13 18 Sep 2004

modem hijacking tips: click here

If you don't already have one, I would recommend getting an antivirus package, and also spyware software (eg ad-ware - click here - free)

  Nellie2 13:13 18 Sep 2004

If you are with British Telecom then there is some info click here and you can submit a complaint click here

If you think you still have rogue diallers on your system then come click here for a clean up!

  edelinski-199425 16:07 18 Sep 2004

I have Ad Aware and Spyboot S&D, SpywareBlaster on my computer, and have also Norton antivirus 2004, Firewall, and on list of my last phone bill I still have call-South Africa and some Diego Garcia.

  edelinski-199425 10:32 01 Oct 2004

Thanks everyone i'm take broadband so no more dial up.Thanksfor help.

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