Modem Error 651

  newilliamson 17:32 13 Jan 2014

Hello, I am trying to connect a D-Link ADSL2 + Modem DSL-320B,to my broadband internet provider (TalkTalk) using an Ethernet cable, with my Desk Top computer without success. Instead, I keep receiving a '651' error failed connection! Can anyone assist me, please. Thank you. Norker645.

  newilliamson 15:48 22 Jan 2014

Hello again

Not good news! I decided to take your advice of restoring the router back to its original settings by clicking the "Restore Device" button as per restore instructions.

Yes, my D-Link came with a CD but all that is on it is :- View "Install Guide", View "User Manual", "Install Adobe Reader" and "Technical Support".

Now, when I try to configure router all I get is error connecting to D-Link ADSL2+Modem DSL-320B. The Parameter is incorrect. Host Name. Protected Object. This objection on Rom Pager is protected. Subnet Mask: DHCP Server. A username and password are being requested by click here The site says: "DSL-320B" Authentication required.

When I type in 'admin' for both I just receive: "Incorrect passwords" retry. Retrying has the same result. I have also tried my ISP username and password with the same result. The same applies to entering the changed username and password I initialy changed to before restoring and resetting to original settings.

I am afraid that I am back to square one. Firstly, I want to thank you for sticking with me and trying to help with my dilemma. Any further suggestions and help would be much appreciated, please. Thank you again. norker645.

  alanrwood 19:53 22 Jan 2014

The user name and password are those for the Router interface access in your web browser., Did you change anything when you had previous access. If not the press the reset to default (Sometimes you need to keep it pressed for a short period to activate the reset) and look at what the default user and passwords are, should be in your instruction book or contact D-Link for them.

CD contents are as normal.

  Secret-Squirrel 09:44 23 Jan 2014

"Yes, my D-Link came with a CD but all that is on it is :- View "Install Guide", View "User Manual", "Install Adobe Reader" and "Technical Support"."

According to your modem's "QUICK INSTALLATION GUIDE", it says "To configure DSL-320B manually (without the set-up CD)..." implies that there's an easy-setup type utility on that disk which is what I would expect from a reputable manufacturer. Anyhow, never mind.

"I decided to take your advice of restoring the router back to its original settings.............When I type in 'admin' for both I just receive: "Incorrect passwords" retry."

Because you've reset the router, the username is admin like before and the password will be on the sticker on the router.

I don't what's going wrong norker - either the modem is faulty or you're doing something wrong. To help me get a picture of what's happening you're going to need to provide me with step-by-step details of what you're doing including what section you're in and what you're selecting or typing. Don't however disclose your Tiscali details on this forum.

  newilliamson 22:03 24 Jan 2014

Dear Secret-squirrel,

Hooray, success at last. I methodically browsed through all the DSL-320B device installation and user manual instructions. In troubleshooting advice, I entered Internet Options,then restored security settings to default and advanced settings to default.(It also recommended disabling Internet Security settings but I did not have to do that)

Also, leaving CD in computer obviously contributed to the success!!

Now, I must thank you most sincerely for your advice and sticking with me through my ordeal, to its conclusion. I really appreciate it. My subscriptions to PC Adviser (Have been for many many years) with this facility makes it all well worth it.

Now, I am going to be really cheeky and ask if you could advise me with the other problem of being unable to 'send' emails.(The previous request for help),please?

Kindest regards and thank you again,


  Secret-Squirrel 09:59 25 Jan 2014

Thanks for the feedback - good to hear that you're up 'n' running at last.

I'm happy to resume troubleshooting your mail problem. Go back to your other thread HERE where I've posted some new advice for you.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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