Modem Error 651

  newilliamson 17:32 13 Jan 2014

Hello, I am trying to connect a D-Link ADSL2 + Modem DSL-320B,to my broadband internet provider (TalkTalk) using an Ethernet cable, with my Desk Top computer without success. Instead, I keep receiving a '651' error failed connection! Can anyone assist me, please. Thank you. Norker645.

  Secret-Squirrel 09:00 14 Jan 2014

Have you already configured the D-Link with your TalkTalk details using the instructions that came with the router? If you have then here's what you need to do next to stop that error message and get a working Internet connection:

Go to Control Panel -> Internet Options -> "Connections" tab. Put the dot next to "Never dial a connection" and click "Apply".

Please don't forget to reply this time, and while you're at it, let us know how you got on with your previous "Unable to send emails" issue.

  newilliamson 12:16 14 Jan 2014

Hello, Sorry to be a nuisance but I think I need further help with this ,please. Firstly, I went as far as "Connections" tab but there was no "Never Dial a Connection" shown to dot and "Apply"

Secondly,after connecting computer to Modem using an ethernet cable the only instructions I had for the product set-up is "Simply open a browser window and enter IP address: http: with user name "admin" and password: "admin"

Regarding the problem sending emails, I do apologise sincerely for not posting a reply but unfortunately,your suggestions did not rectify the problem and in consequence, I am still unable to send emails. Any further help suggestions regarding the matter would be much appreciated. Thank you.


  Secret-Squirrel 12:41 14 Jan 2014

" I went as far as "Connections" tab but there was no "Never Dial a Connection" shown to dot and "Apply""

OK - that's fine then. I'm guessing you got that error when you tried setting up the connection from within Windows, and on receiving the 651 error, you didn't click the "Setup the connection anyway" option so nothing has been saved.

You will never get an Internet connection until you've configured your D-Link modem.

Did you not get a CD with the modem? It makes configuration a lot easier for novice users. If you didn't then here's the link to the complete modem user-manual. Scroll down to "Web-based Configuration Utility" on pages #19 to #21. When you select UK as your country, TalkTalk will hopefully appear in the "ISP Provider" list and you won't need to enter any complicated settings (apart from your TalkTalk broadband username and password).

Once your Internet is working we can re-visit your e-mail problem.

  Secret-Squirrel 15:58 14 Jan 2014

".pages #19 to #21"

Sorry that should be pages #19 to #22. After you've completed the D-Link setup you should have a working Internet connection. If you don't then get back in touch. Whatever you do, don't try the Windows "Set up a new connection" thingy again as it'll never work with TalkTalk ADSL.

  newilliamson 17:55 14 Jan 2014

When I open a browser it immediately tries to connect to the internet then before I can enter IP address I receive "This page cannot be displayed"

What am I doing wrong, please?


  Secret-Squirrel 18:42 14 Jan 2014

"..I receive "This page cannot be displayed"

Don't worry about that as the page can't be displayed because you don't have an Internet connection yet.

Simply ignore that message, click in the Address Bar, delete what's already there, and type in the address of your D-Link which is then follow the rest of the instructions.

  Secret-Squirrel 08:49 15 Jan 2014

"What am I doing wrong, please?"

Your post puzzled me yesterday but I think I know where you might have been going wrong. Were you thinking of typing the D-Link's address into Google or another search engine? You won't get to the modem's setup screens that way so follow my advice about typing into the Address Bar instead. It's at the top of your browser window and the picture on page #19 of the manual shows an example. When you've entered the address press Enter on your keyboard to go to it.

  newilliamson 17:46 16 Jan 2014

Dear Secret-squirrel

I thought I had finally cracked it today on my ## birthday in as much that I accessed the modem's setup screens and went right through to the finish but unfortunately, when I clicked finish it asked me for a user name and password are being requested by click here then after entering my correct username and password. The site says: "DSL-320B" Error connecting to D-LINK ADSL2+ MODEM DSL-320B. The parameter is incorrect. host Name. I repeated several times followed by the same results as outlined.

Could this problem be connected to being unable to send emails as to my previous call to you for help?

Kind regards,


  newilliamson 17:50 16 Jan 2014

Also, I cannot remember if I told you I am using Windows 8.1. norker645

  Secret-Squirrel 09:28 17 Jan 2014

Good to see that you've made some progress.

".......when I clicked finish it asked me for a user name and password are being requested by......"

That sounds very much like it's asking for the router's username and password again. If you changed the router password at the start of the setup process then enter admin for the username and then enter the new password you chose. If you skipped that section then nothing was changed so enter admin for both the username and password like you did at the start.

If you think you may have messed things up then you can start again by restoring the router back to its original settings by clicking the "Restore Device" button - see page #50 for details. Or, as mentioned previously, if your D-Link came with a setup CD, please use that instead as it's a much easier way to setup the modem.

"Could this problem be connected to being unable to send emails as to my previous call to you for help?"

No, your e-mail settings are incorrect - it's got nothing to be with this router issue.

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