Modem drops off line when USB printer connected

  NFB 20:02 10 Aug 2003

When I plug in my shiny new All-in-One HP Printer via a USB connection in to my not so shiny old W98 PC, the modem will occasionally drop off line. When this USB device is disconnected all is well with the modem's world again.

Any help (in non-techie speak) would be appreciated, please.

  Legolas 20:19 10 Aug 2003

Is it a broadband modem? If so you would be better to connect it with an ethernet card if it is a dial up modem I'm think some one else might know more than me.

  NFB 21:59 10 Aug 2003

No, little chance of broadband where I live. It's a dial up modem, but thanks anyway.

  graham√ 22:08 10 Aug 2003

If you are plugging the printer into the USB whilst the PC is on, you will frighten it! Leave it plugged in all the time , if possible.

  mistagf 06:24 11 Aug 2003

I had the same problem when I first connected my broadband modem and printer to USB.

Only cure was to purchase a powered USB Hub!

Got this one from ebuyer and have since connected a USB scanner to the system with no problems.

click here

  xania 09:50 11 Aug 2003

I have had this problem ever since I tried running my USB modem and USB printer. So lind as they are both using the original (to the MOBO connectors, all is fine. Attaching either a powered Hub or a connection direct to the Mobo does not work. Apparently, the modem demands so much power that, if forced to share with anything else, it just won't do it.
click here claims that using a separate USB expansion card will overcome the problem. I have yet to try this option, but anyone who has - be grateful for some feedback.

I'm using 98SE, but I understand that this problem is OS independent.

  NFB 21:46 11 Aug 2003

I have tried Graham's suggestion but the problem persists.

Before I try the powered USB hub, I'll just make the point that the modem is not a USB one, just the All-in-One.

  BillEmm 22:44 11 Aug 2003

These all-in-one machines are resource hungry and devour cpu cycles like there is no tomorrow, with the result that your, probably very tired PC, can't cope with any surge in demand.

Being a USB device it makes for a very busy PC at switch on time.

I suspect the PC power supply is a bit old and weary and finds the sudden request for power too much such that one, or more, of the voltage supply lines (+3.3V and/or +5V) drops causing the modem to become temporarily underpowered and thus disconnecting.

A new, higher wattage power supply (PSU) may solve the problem.

If you have any other devices or cards that can be removed from the system (to lighten the load) then do so and recheck.

Incidently, I do not have much faith in the USB hub idea as the All-in-One is not powered from the USB bus as is the case of the ADSL USB modem.

The hub will only add to the load already on the USB controller.


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