Modem Dialling Question

  suburban train 14:33 20 Jan 2003
  suburban train 14:33 20 Jan 2003

Dear All

I use a dial up to connect to the Internet, and have set my modem up so that when the line is dropped it re-dials.

When dialing it makes the usual dial noise (dialing the number and then connecting to the ISP) OK this is standard no probs here.

The question is.. is there a way that I can turn of the volume when it redials?

When watching a DVD and the modem re-dials i often have to pause the film and wait for the re-dial.

  flecc 15:05 20 Jan 2003

Only all the time, there's no easy way to turn it on and off. You can access the modem volume control using the modem icon in the control panel.

There's also a second control of volume in Dial Up Networking if you're using Windows 98/ME and you need to go to My Computer for that.

In both cases you'll find the control by using the modem properties buttons to reach it.

  suburban train 15:19 20 Jan 2003

Im using windows xp Pro and the modem im using is Mr2800w data fax modem.

I have just turned down the modem speaker to off but it still make the nosie.

Is this the right control or is the modem speaker used for something else

  MichelleC 15:36 20 Jan 2003

Go to modem 'properties', connection tab, advanced, enter 'ATM0' to silence completely, 'ATM1' for all noises to continue until connection is made, 'ATM2' for noise during use only, 'ATM3' for no dialling sounds, but noise while connection is made.

  suburban train 16:03 20 Jan 2003

Thank you for that where did you get the information.

  MichelleC 16:09 20 Jan 2003

From our very own 'Tips and Tricks'.

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