Modem answers phone

  surfer © 12:26 07 Jul 2003

My cpu has developed a trait of answering the phone when it rings after only two rings.I have had fax software installed for months and have had auto answer disabled and has never answered the phone up untill last week .I checked with bios and disabled Auto wake on Lan and uninstalled windows fax to no avail.I allways keep my Norton up to date and have found no virus .What concerns me is if i have a trojan and my kids are on the cpu when im at work they would not know it was connected.I also have Norton Firewall installed and this should stop an attack but i would like to stop it answering please help .

  deadneat 12:41 07 Jul 2003

what fax software are you using?

  surfer © 13:19 07 Jul 2003

sorry forgot to say running windows xp and loaded windows fax from disc.By the way i checked modem settings as well and nothing sinister

  internetevil 15:03 07 Jul 2003

sounds like the fax software may not have gone! i would recomend running wi fax and running the config part again to ensure that it is set to not recived faxes, is there no other fax software at all on there? fax is much more likley than virus ansering the phone! you could try the windows system restore to send back to a previous date!

  surfer © 17:07 07 Jul 2003

hmm good idea about system restore thought of everything else i missed the easy solution will try it thx .I havent sent a fax in 6 weeks from the cpu and i checked for the recieve mode and it was disabled ,it couldnt just have started working ?

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