Modem always ringing out?

  mike2004 10:54 18 Oct 2004

My computer is not switched on (not even plugged into the mains!), I have dial-up internet access only, I put my cable into the modem socket of my tower unit, then into the separate phone socket (I have two sockets, and the phone is plugged into the other socket) and the house phone sounds a continuous ring!, any ideas why...?. )

  spuds 11:26 18 Oct 2004

It sounds like there is a feedback on your system.A number of things can cause this problem, if that is the case. Faulty wiring or cables [damaged or connections wrong]Faulty modem,which will cost about £9.00 to replace.Do you have other devices connected to your phone system,like extra phones-faxes-tv boxes etc.

  mike2004 11:37 18 Oct 2004

I have no other devices attached to my phone system... I am reluctant to replace the modem (internal), perhaps it's the cable (I doubt it, but will try another one).

  Urotsukidoji 12:55 18 Oct 2004

take the modem cable out of the RJ45 Lan port and put it in the right one....

  Graham ® 13:11 18 Oct 2004

This is caused by a wiring reversal on one of the sockets. Normal convention is blue with white rings on connector 2, white with blue rings on connector 5. The colour doesn't matter so long as all the 2s are the same colour and all the 5s are the same colour.

The other connection is orange with white rings to connector 3, this is the bell circuit. If all seems OK, disconnect this on the modem socket.

  Giggle n' Bits 13:23 18 Oct 2004

on the line. A Wire is shorting.
1st do an online automatic test with BT line call 151 (Its Free) then if no fault found by that automatic test, call bt and explain there is the problem.

IT would be worth trying a new modem before calling BT but more likely to be a Line fault.

  Graham ® 14:52 18 Oct 2004

Some things to ponder on. As spuds says, it could just be the modem cable that is not appropriate to the task, and is wired different. If you unplug the phone so it doesn't ring, can you get online?

  mike2004 16:50 18 Oct 2004

Yes, when I unplug the phone (or just ignore the ring!) I can get on-line.

  Graham ® 16:53 18 Oct 2004

Check the wiring to each socket. If all is OK, it must be the modem cable that's the wrong type.

  mike2004 17:16 18 Oct 2004

Thanks all...away from home until Tuesday evening, will try then and report in.

  pj123 17:57 18 Oct 2004

Modem cables come in 2 wire versions and 4 wire versions. You seem to have the wrong version. Check which one you have and change it for the other version. There was a previous thread some time ago asking the same question. It was solved by changing the (his 4 wire cable for a 2 wire cable) I have tried a search for the earlier thread but no luck yet, will keep looking.

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