gmpy1 22:16 25 Feb 2010

we had a big storm the other evening,now my radio modem is not I pluged in a cable and it works OK,is the radio bit dead or as a friend surgested it needs a reset? dont know what that means??
The modem was suplied by telefonica in the canaires(were I live )it is a:

  DieSse 22:40 25 Feb 2010

"a friend surgested it needs a reset? dont know what that means?"

It's possible it just needs a rest. Unplug the power supply cable - wait for 1 minute then plug it in again. It will take some time to reboot - a minute or two.

There will also be a reset button at the rear - possible inside a small hole. Pressing that reset button may change settings inside it (and be very careful what you poke in the hole - a toothpick may be OK).

Of course if the wi-fi isn't working, it may be at your computer end or the modem/router end. If your computer is a laptop, be sure you haven't accidentally switched it in the laptop - many of them have an easily pressed switch.

  Technotiger 22:44 25 Feb 2010

It is not a Modem, it is a Router! Most routers have a re-set button to reset automatically, simply by pressing it momentarily. Or, if there is no reset button, disconnect Power from the Router, wait at least ten seconds and then re-connect the Power to the Router, this is just another way of re-setting it.

  Technotiger 22:44 25 Feb 2010

Hmm - I still gotta learn to type faster :-))

  gmpy1 09:56 26 Feb 2010

Hi Guys many thanks for your replies,what would I do without you and this site ? Well I found the little hole poked it with a toothpick I have four lights on..power,lan1,wilan,adsl...but my laptop still can not find the signal(sitting by the routers side)router!! see I am learning.
So what next?? i do find two other routers which I think belong to my neighbours,s both locked..

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