[DELETED] 08:35 14 Jan 2006

I have a Intel V92 HaM Data Fax Voice modem which runs fine however This morning when it sparked up it showed the transter rate of 31.2kbs as against 115kbs yesterday is there anything wrong or is it me op system XP Pro 256 memory Intel 2 Pentium Processor also one other question how long should it take to go fron the black page showing the windows XP logo to your desk top Cheers guys

  Stuartli 09:12 14 Jan 2006

Your "115kbs" is a falsehood in that it is not the true figure - it's the DTE version.

If you go into the Modem's Properties from Control Panel or Device Manager and, in the Extra Settings box, insert W2 you will get the true speeds.

Even so 31.2kbps is not good - try downloading the latest Intel driver for your modem from a source such as:

click here-(Matsushita-Matshita)/Intel-56K-HaM-Data-Fax-Voice-Modem/download/page,show,11272,563,2,.html

(don't know your modem's manufacturer but the Intel driver is suitable for most models).

Also set the Maximum Port speed to 115200 if this is not already the case.

  [DELETED] 09:58 14 Jan 2006

Went to the site after downloading the driver detective it showed the modem driver was good however it showed some other drivers were due for an up date 29% good drivers 71% Bad

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